February 22, 2024
Here is a flash fiction piece that shows competitive gaming at its finest!
the win

“The Win” is a flash fiction piece of exactly one hundred words that I wrote back in 2016.

Hoping that you enjoy it!

Inside a large stadium, tens of thousands of people watched two esports teams face each other inside soundproof booths.

With both teams in full force, they began their world championship match.

Buttons clicked. Mice moved. Players roared at their opponents, showing their will to win.

Spectators looked at various projections of the match. They were treated to a digital symphony as robots exploded, beacons changed hands and health bars disappeared.

In the end, one team dropped in tears to the ground.

The other went home with riches, glory and acclaim, hoisting in a blaze of pride…like conquerors do.

Footnote on “The Win”

Nowadays, gaming serves as a way to connect with people, especially people who live far away from each other. We enjoy spending our time playing games. For a while, we did not have to be anxious about the world around us; we could be the best and worst versions of ourselves all at once.

Online games allow for a moment in time in which strangers come together and cooperate towards the completion of a common goal. Also, when people play online games, they’re making their own stories. It is a story that is complete with pacing, tension, characters, catharsis, and even character development, both literally and figuratively. As for offline games, it allows the players to immerse themselves in diverse worlds while creating their exclusive narrative inside the game.

Gaming is a way of life.

If you enjoyed reading this one, please also read my other works! Thank you and have a great time ahead!

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