Thoughts on SpacePort: What Is Your Personal Experience?

thoughts on spaceport

Here are my thoughts on SpacePort:

It allowed me to relive my childhood. When I was a child, I used to work a bit during the weekends for my arcade money. As a result, I learned to cherish the moments that I shared with my big brother at the arcade machine. We were playing things like 1945 and Space Invaders back in the day.

We were usually not able to complete the missions because we did not have enough money on our hands (1 Philippine peso is equal to 2-4 US cents back in the day). As such, the rest of our friends finished the rest of the levels for us.

We were all cheering for each other and we became very happy when someone from our neighborhood finished the final level.

It was a great one for us.

Today, Spaceport is basically allowing us to relive those memories and have them permanently. That alone is a great reason to buy the game, even if it was not a game set in the cryptoverse.

Here’s a video, in case you want to see a preview of the game:

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