April 19, 2024
What are some Valorant paradigms that you can use in order to elevate your game?
valorant paradigms

So, welcome to Valorant Paradigms – a collection of observations that I have seen throughout these past few months.

First, let’s define what a paradigm is. According to the commonly accepted definition…a paradigm is:

a typical example or pattern of something; a model.

People have certain paradigms (i.e. patterns) in approaching a game. Thus, this piece is an encapsulation of my opinions on how players approach the game…and a guide at the same time on the practices that will allow you to win comfortably or lose with pride!

1. Win With Less in Valorant

What does this mean? Make your opponent spend a lot of resources in controlling a certain area through the creation of kill zones that will force your enemy to act. After all, abilities and weapons are the two main resources that you have in each match.

Master weapons that will allow you to spend less and win even against better-equipped opponents. Well, CS:GO has a lot of examples regarding this…

2. Control Your Ground

Check your positioning. Try to setup crossfires. Peek only when you are sure that you will get info or a kill safely. Take note of where the enemy comes from, what are the sound cues, how do they execute their entry abilities, etc.

Learn when to stay passive and push the advantage by observing how the enemy moves. This takes a lot of practice, but it is worth the time and effort that you invest in it.

3. Valorant Paradigms: Together, We Rise

In layman’s words: Plain, old-fashioned teamwork.

Play with the strengths of your teammates. Pass info. Try to anticipate the enemy’s next move – you can see what Agents they are using, right? Provide cover for another teammate and together, clear out parts of the map and dominate them! You’ve got an ultimate? He or she’s got an ultimate? Then coordinate and use them together!

Also, don’t work too far from your teammates. Even in the randomness of solo Valorant matchmaking, half-decent teammates would know how to support their mates. Check corners. Watch flanks.

They all help in winning you these games.

4. Unrated and Spike Rush: Testing Valorant Paradigms

You want to test a new approach on a map against real players? Want to see how it works online, instead of a sandbox? Go unrated – after all, while it’s true that the “red” will appear in your history, it will not affect your rank!

These are the four Valorant paradigms that I’ve learned throughout the length of my time in the game thus far. However, I know that I should learn a lot more…and that I should keep on improving my skills, not just in-game, but also in writing and in real life!

I do hope that you enjoyed reading this wall of text, and that you have found at least some of the points as useful!

Until next time then! Good luck and have fun on the bright battlefields of Valorant!

About the Iyakin

Earl Carlo Guevarra, 27 and a proud Zamboangueño, is a teacher of English based in the heart of Manila. When he’s not teaching children the fundamentals of grammar, he writes essays and poems, many of which have been published locally and internationally. He also loves fruit shakes and video games.

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