April 19, 2024
What is Trench Warfare in Roblox? Why should you play it right now? How do you play it? Here's a quick guide and enjoy reading!
What is Trench Warfare Roblox

You might ask what is Trench Warfare Roblox and why it is good, even though it’s still in early alpha. The thing about the game is that it’s strategic (yes, you have to use the map and think carefully). It’s also normal-paced (no 360 noscope plays allowed) and it’s realistic (no crosshairs, it’s all about the eyeball. Finally, everyone – even the lowliest riflemen – does play a role in this game (it can even be argued that the officers in this game are nothing but walking “buff” poles).

Trench Warfare Roblox is a game in which two teams of 25 players fight with each other in order to recreate many of World War I’s most iconic battles such as Artois, Ypres, and the Somme – among a metric ton of other maps. You get to play as the French, British, and German side – there’s no country-based buff except when it comes to national XP for the weapons, so it’s all fair and square (though a lot of players tend to play Germany for the “history-changing” and “alternate history” moments…as well as for the lulz).

German tide

How does one advance in Trench Warfare Roblox?

In order to advance through the game, one has to spend time on the servers, get experience through kills, heals, attacks, assists, and zone grabs/holds and rise up the ranks of your nation. The best classes for getting experience early in your career are the Medic (each heal gives you +4 experience) and the Grenadier (each grenade potentially could kill up to three soldiers for a total of +9 experience; you hold three grenades, so you know what’s coming). In addition, a win gets you 150 experience, while a loss gets you only 50 points. Take note that after Rank 10, you have to start grinding and play for a couple of hours in order to go to the next level. However, each level progression is worth the time and effort that you spend in it.

What are the overpowered classes in the game?

Some of most overpowered classes include raiders (equipped with automatic pistols and melee weapons, they would ruin anyone’s day…and this description does not include yet the Battle Pass grenades – with them, you would be basically running two classes at once). The mortar and artillery spotters (every well-placed strike ensures that your enemies would curse you and your descendants and everyone else in your family) and the seemingly lowly medic (you can heal both yourself and your teammates; the longer that you’re alive, the harder it is for your enemy to win! Also a great way to make your enemy tilted) are also OP classes. I once saw games finish within two to three minutes. This is because the medics, raiders, and spotters work in a very smooth way.

So, what else can be said about what is Trench Warfare Roblox?

Since it’s a historical game, there’s also a lot of roleplay. The French are “blues” and “baguettes”. Meanwhile, the British are “brownies” and “tea”. Finally, the Germans are “sausages”. It is safe to say that each player can use the chat box to tell their feelings! While it’s a great game when played alone, the experience becomes better when played with a group of friends!

Just a note of advice: You have to be patient. This is not a typical Roblox game. The best thing you can do is to understand the maps and play your roles carefully. Also, communicate with your teammates, and use the map terrain to your advantage…and enjoy the World War I atmosphere!

Hoping that this piece helped you to figure what is Trench Warfare Roblox! Thank you, enjoy the game, and have a nice time ahead!

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