June 18, 2024

Many say that hope is a rare commodity nowadays. After all, we all see nothing but poverty, conflict and depression all around us.

Yet, we all know that hope is the driving force that gives meaning and color to our lives. It is the key that opens towards better futures, new leases on life and depths of existence.

For those who cling to hope despite all the waves of horrors that surround them every single day, life is like a portal of sudden and unexpected wonders.

You get to see surprises that you never expect. You become happy as the future that you envisioned in your eyes as it unfolds in front of you, just like the glee that visionaries feel when they see their lofty ideas come to life.

It is expected that people of hope may experience tribulations and setbacks that may ravage their lives, like wildfires raging and scorching lush, verdant forests. However, they are also aware that frustration and disappointment are reminders that they are still alive…and that these trials allow them to cherish the value of hope.

When one does not know the terror of the shroud of darkness, one will never see the joy and pleasure that comes with seeing the bright lights.

I love those who hope for a better future, because they lead the way with their torches of smiles and push the world towards gardens of peace and unity. I love those who work hard to achieve a more sustainable and livable world, for I know that they will leave behind a legacy of peace, freedom and prosperity.

I do not love those who spread despair and discord; didn’t we have enough wars and privations already? Those who cause children’s hearts to turn into stone and mothers’ eyes to cry and wail should be thrice-cursed. I do not love those who spread disorder, for they bring death to one’s heart, long before one reaches the inevitable embrace of the grave.

They say that when hope dies, life also dies with it. The myths of old also say that hope has never left Pandora’s Box, for it serves as a reminder to humankind that they will always have the chance to live better days.

Do we want more hearts to be separated? Do we want tyrants to run amok and stain the world with blood? Do we want the common man out there to lose more reasons to live? Do we want more brutality unleashed into the world?

We all want to experience brighter days beyond the horizon, right?

It may be true that the people of hope may not see the fruits of their actions. However, every single smile is a victory; every single life cherished is a triumph and every person gained is a blessing in itself.

Hope is a form of defiance against the insanity that pervades our world today. Hope is the fountain of strength that allows us to get through the day. Hope is the way towards the future.

We should not forget this as we go through the motions of our lives.

To the people of hope out there, never give up and never waver in your convictions.

For the world is yours for the taking.

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