April 19, 2024
Some short reflections on a rainy night!

The sun’s gone.

Yes, I’m happy that it’s gone.

The only curse that it brings is the rain. It has never been a good friend to me.

I am not a fan of the rain. It made me sick twice and stay in a hospital once.

They say it’s God’s mercy. Why is the rain not merciful to me then?

Whenever I get hit by even a few drops of rain, I start to tremble in fear.

For the most part, I make out of it without getting sick or witnessing adverse effects.

But then, maybe it’s a reminder that I should be thankful and say grace.

I’m happy that the sun’s gone, and I’m thankful that I’m healthy after getting soaked under the rain..

And yes, it’s cool and refreshing to see the rain for once.

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