April 19, 2024
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It is time for Mech Battle to have a well-organized, well-supported grand tournament. Read more for the page's thoughts here!
Mech Battle should have a grand tourney.

Mech Battle should have a grand tournament.

To start with, I don’t care if the grand tournament has different descriptions. I would care less if the levels of the mechs and weapons are capped at level 1, level 2, level 5 or level 10. All I want is a tournament where most, if not all the clans are participating. The game has enough clans already to warrant a full-fledged tournament with a standard format and prize support for the best 4 or 8 clans who join, depending on the amount of the teams who ultimately decide to join the tournament.

Then, tournaments can be done during the weekends in order to be able to address time zone differences. Morning here in the Asia-Oceania region is the previous day’s evening when it comes to the Americas – and Europe is a couple of hours advanced/behind, depending on whether the other player is situated in the Australasia region or the Americas, so having them in the weekends allows for lots of flexibility when it comes to scheduling.

Next, one of two formats can be used: If the organizers prefer a fair and fast tournament, a double-elimination bracket can be used, with seeding done randomly before the event. If the organizers prefer a long spectacle, a league system can be used, in which teams will fight a double round robin group stage and then the top four or eight teams will receive prizes.

Afterwards, we can talk about the reason for the tournaments: It will create an ecosystem that people can see – with streamers streaming the game, clan members promoting the tournament and the participants creating storylines within the game – this creates the perception that Mech Battle is thriving and alive, with a very organized tournament circuit to boot. People who come from competitive clans and esport titles would appreciate the system, leading them to recommend the game and introducing more players to the fledgling mobile mech title.

To sum it up, a well-organized, well-advertised grand tournament (GT) would increase the appreciation of current players for the game and lead to an influx of newcomers to the title, thus creating positive growth for Mech Battle as a whole.

I am pretty sure that many players are looking forward to this.

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