May 22, 2024
how to play mech battle
How to play Mech Battle? How do you beat the best squads in the game? Which techniques will give you a chance? Read all about them here!
how to play mech battle

How to play Mech Battle? How do you beat the best squads in the game? Which techniques will give you a chance? I will talk about it here.


Before anyone of you question my credentials and think I’m lying, I’ll set out my in-game credentials. While I’m currently an honorary member of the Ancient Ones (AO), I was the captain of the team that lead an all-Philippine squad called Gilas to a rare tournament win back in 2020.

Even before all of these, I’ve met, fought, and bled my way against all of the players of these clans (and even grouped up with/against them). I think I have a pretty good record, though my game sense needs to be refined once again (I took a long break from playing in order to spend time writing and dealing with my master’s degree requirements).

Finally, I have won the level 5 “Saturday event” at its highest attendance, against many of the community’s mainstays and some of the game’s best players. I was the one who wrote the blurb on that day, so I am officially not supposed to say this here, hahaha.

I don’t like doing this, but I felt that I need to tell who I am at this point in order to establish a degree of credibility here – given the fact that it’s going to be a very contentious topic.

How do you beat the top teams?

Probably, you’ve seen them go in a full squad: AO, BB, iNFj, AC, and possibly CCCP and Apex (If there were other clans that I’ve forgotten, please tell me). You’ve probably scratched your head and asked yourselves how you were going to beat them – or at least, have a good showing against them all.

First of all, you’ve got to employ the best mechs and weapons that you’ve got in your hangar – max them out as soon as you can – a bit of hit points and damage may be the difference between a win and a loss.

These people are going to choose between three, four, even five hangars against you (each of which is suited to a certain purpose), fully maxed out, and grouped up with the best squad mates that they could ever find. They want to win and are statistically inclined to have that win; you just have to have that in-game and mental edge and hunger in order to overcome that adversity.

Second, if you’re going to squad, make sure that you have a solid game plan in mind, per map, per combination of players. That was our only chance against these squads, who contain the best and scariest players in the world of Mech Battle. No one’s going to give you any quarter here. This is how to play Mech Battle at the highest levels, to be honest: Constant action, quick decisions, total carnage.

Corollary to this, you have to know your mechs, weapons, and maps very well. Map knowledge, positioning, and effective communication are the best way to maximize your chances of winning against these guys.

Third, you have to focus fire and observe what your teammates are doing. If you could synchronize your actions with that of teammates, then so much the better. Group up when you can, go for uncontested objectives and create overlapping zones of fire.

While I am aware that there are any skilled players here reading this, you all know that skills aren’t enough – they aren’t enough in a game where the in-game elements are limited (versus, say, War Robots or Super Mecha Champions, where you could actually 1vX your way to victory through a variety of methods); you have to learn how to min-max everything to the best efficiency possible.

Knowing all of these is half the battle. Executing these properly is the other half.

Do these, and you’ll stand a chance against the best.

An End Note

Finally guys, let’s be real here. I know that I might ruffle a metric ton of feathers here, but there’s no need to reason out and say “we were not in a full squad, we were 3v4, I couldn’t hit him with the hitbox, it was laggy…” etc.

It’s as if that will shave away a big part of your in-game win-loss ratings, or it’s as if that loss will ruin your in-game reputation. No, it’s not going to be the case. People remember you better if you were a good sport.

While you may say that it’s just a game and “we’re allowed to at the way we want to,” also remember that this is still a small community and that the less toxic it is, the better it is for the community overall.

Keep calm, say “good luck and have fun (GL HF/GL GL/HF HF)” at the beginning, say “good game and well played (GG WP)” or “nice try, well done (NT)” at the end, and move on.

Thank you for reading this “How to Play Mech Battle” guide. Good luck and have fun!

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