June 18, 2024
How do you play the modes in Mech Battle? Find out here!

Mech Battle, otherwise known as MB, is a little bit different nowadays. With the introduction of Blitzkrieg and Team Deathmatch, there are new dimensions that even old and advanced players would need to consider when it comes to approaching these modes.

How do I do Blitzkrieg in Mech Battle?

In Blitzkrieg, make sure that you know how to zone out your enemies. You don’t even need to focus fire or even use tanky mechs at the very minimum, though you will have a way easier time if you do these things. Instead (read: if you don’t have something like an Atlas or Armageddon) if you can, you can assign someone fast, chunky and hard-hitting to go ahead of your team, advance beyond the box area and force your enemies to deal with you first, giving time for your teammates to take positions and go for the easy win.

How do I do Team Deathmatch in this game?

Don’t just rely on your HP and weapons in order to overwhelm the opposition.

Play smart. Rely on your teammates. Watch who they are shooting at. Shoot at the enemy that is open; after all, that enemy can hide within 5-10 seconds, thus making your life harder in the long run. After all, there are many matches which are decided by the existence of a single mech.

Focus your fire whenever possible. Even an Atlas would melt under the fire of three or four mechs!

Communicate your intentions, your mech status, how many mechs does the enemy have, etc.

Remember, the best way to win is by doing it together!

How do I do Capture the Flag in MB?

Learn how to set the tempo of the game. Always remember this: Get the first one or two flags and let the enemy try to go to the middle of the map, leaving them open to counter-fire and counter-push. Alternatively, you can hold the flag for a bit, forcing them to play recklessly.

Also, it is important to have some fast bots. The ones with the heavy bodies should support the lights by countering the enemy long and medium-range threats.

How do I do Domination in MB?

Okay, this is one of the most common modes in Mech Battle, yet there are players who don’t understand how this is played.

Domination is not just solely about beacons,  kills or damage. What separates the good ones from the prominent players is the fact that they know when to chase for opportunity.

Even though if you are on an Atlas, you should capture beacons and block chasers especially if they are near you. Better yet, divide the map into various mental zones and assign yourself to one of them, making sure that you attract AI, assert control and destroy everyone inside your zone.

The map is roughly divided into two sides in Domination, so use that to your advantage. Learn when to give up and regroup or to push through and advance. Learn where and how to flank. Learn how to distract the enemy. Learn how to keep a beacon advantage. Learn how to count the amount of mechs that the enemy has.

Domination is the test of a player’s fundamentals. Learn this right, and the rest will follow.

How do I do Last Mech Standing in MB?

Another mode that appears at the very start of a player’s journey is Last Mech Standing, otherwise known as free-for-all. In this mode, each player is his/her own castle.

Last Mech Standing is about positioning and awareness. The former allows you to take advantage of terrain features, spawn areas and attack timings in order to dish out the most number of kills and the highest amount of damage while getting killed less and incurring less damage. The latter allows you to adjust your position, to see the amount of enemies around and to adjust your personal tactics accordingly.

Obviously, damage-heavy setups are the king of this mode. We all know the names: Atlas, Berserker, Armageddon, Chronos, Zephyr…

While Domination is the test of a player’s fundamentals, Last Mech Standing is the measure of one’s individual skills.

Hoping that you find this guide useful!

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