April 21, 2024
Here is a very quick guide on how to be able to deal with Bridge and Harbor in Mech Battle!

In the latest rotation of MB, Bridge and Harbor are two of the new maps. They are also quite tricky also to be honest.

Here’s a quick MB guide on how to deal with them (check out the first one and the second one) – and this is applicable for all levels!

mb bridge

MB in Bridge

Bridge is an open map with an elevated bridge and lots of cover in between. With the fact that splash damage from rockets does not hit anymore the mech’s hitbox behind the wall, this would make up for a very interesting battle in order.

Just as the middle bridge offers a good vantage point from which to shoot down people, it is also vulnerable to attacks from both sides from the bottom of the bridge. Thus, a good strategy that can be employed would be the 1-1-2 formation, where one player takes care of the home side of the bridge, another player controls the bridge (preferably someone tanky and can fight back) and two engage at the bottom of the area.

Of course, it is hard to do this when one plays with random players (after all, many players just want to destroy mechs and don’t mind about the objectives that much), but a semblance of this is still possible if players play the objective in a normal way.

In squad battles, this should be an easy one. In fact, you could even think of other strategies, including sacrificing the bridge completely, rushing the other side to take down MGs and a couple of various other strategies! Knowledge, positioning, aggression and communication is the key to win this map.

On Blitzkrieg and Team Deathmatch, outlasting your opponent and providing a great rate of fire is the key to win. Just use cover, make sure you are not sniped by MGs from across the map and protect yourself from splash damage from rockets. If you can, make them come to you! After all, someone should destroy something…and their advance might provide the hole that you need to break through!

mb harbor

How about Harbor?

Meanwhile, Harbor is a different beast altogether. You spawn on the inland side of the port, with possibly the same distance against any probable objective on the map and roughly the same amount of cover and space. What you need to do is to spread out your team, identify targets of opportunity and quickly seize or take control of the area near your objective.

For Domination, three of the objectives are away from your initial spawn – it is also true for the opposing team. Thus, your first order of business is to take two of those three objectives fast; hold them and look for ways on how to penetrate your enemy’s defense. Once done, you can take the nearest beacon, pull back and solidify a 3-2 beacon advantage.

For the rest of the game modes, a combination of speed, fire support and coordination is needed if you want to properly approach this map. Use cover and make sure that you are within each other’s sectors of fire. Also, have a balance between the light and heavy mechs that you deploy on the battlefield.

These may be two new maps, but players out there should be able to deal with them properly as long as they play with common sense and a good amount of skill.

Don’t forget to update your hangar and to adjust it to the new weight system in order to gain the maximum amount of utility that you can have!

Good luck in your MB journey!

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