April 19, 2024
how to play mech battle
This is a beginners' guide for new players of Mech Battle! Read on!
Mech Battle Guide 1

Let’s be frank: Today, there are many new players in Mech Battle and there is need for a guidepost in order to be able to understand this game in a better way.

In these pieces, we will talk about the things that players need to do in order to be able to cope up with the ever-changing landscape of Mech Battle.

We start with the hangar, which is arguably the main resource you have in order to prosecute a fight inside Mech Battle’s post-apocalyptic world.

What do I need to do in order to get a good hangar?

1. Farm as much as you can.

Yes, this means that you should put out as much damage as possible in Domination and Last Mech Standing, as far as Mech Battle is concerned. For Capture the Flag, this means that you capture two or three flags and then focus on trying to dish out damage.

If you know you are going to lose, just go for the damage. Every little bit of damage done means more lithium, which means more money for you and your Mechs.

2. Focus your mechs on a specialization that can counter all builds.

This means knowing what weapons you want at the very beginning of your Mech Battle career.

Let me tell you this: Homing missiles (the ones that put a laser projectile on you) are a big no-no thanks to today’s map architecture. The same goes for homing missiles (that track you); though they are still notorious in getting the big upset wins on the old maps.

Do not buy the machine guns (MR500, WB2000, MG) unless you are sure that you have a plan for its usage.

Trivia: They used to be among the most cancerous weapons of Mech Battle, along with the four-plasma gun Zephyr, and for good reason: The damage of those machine guns is insane at long range, while they carry standard damage at short distances.

Buy the shotguns (Decimator, F300 and Cannon) if you are planning to block them short range. Use unguided rockets (Persuader, Q200 and Q3500) for the same purpose.

Anything else other than the ones above? Feel free to mix and match, finding the weapon that best suits your style of play.

3. Get all those energy cells.

To put it in a rough count, you should be able to get 400-500 gold on average for every 300 energy cells you spend using the Ultimate Trade. The best package for players is the 19000 platinum package, which gives 60 million lithium.

If you calculate the amount of platinum you get every match (20-25), you get for completing objectives (20, 100 for at least 5 tasks a day) and the bonus ones that come with levelling up as well as completing bonus objectives, you’ll see why getting energy cells is a good way to beef up your in-game economy.

You want to become one of the best players in Mech Battle, right?

After all, you want to reach level 20 with a level 8 or 9 hangar.

4. Get level 9 bots and level 8 weapons by level 20.

This is an unpopular opinion. However, my experience shows that the hitbox of mechs in Mech Battle is dynamic, being that not all projectiles hit your target (on a side note, this is a reason why unguided rockets are notorious, once they hit you, you get the full amount of damage – and even if not all of them hit you, you still get almost the full amount of damage regardless of how many visually hit you).

As such, it would do good for you to have level 9 mechs, so that you’ll last a while longer against higher-leveled opponents (remember that in today’s game, you’ll be matched +/- 10 levels).

Most of the time, you would want to have two fast mechs (Chronos/Zephyr/cheaper alternative) and three weapons platforms (Atlas/Berserker/cheaper alternative; for the times before level 13 or so, Sentinel)

5. Do not buy all the weapons you can find.

Save money and focus on the buys that will bring you the most value: The minigun family has always brought great value, as well as unguided rockets and Plasma Guns.

On a side note, while unguided rockets could be nerfed soon (there is a reason why every top player that I know carries all sorts of unguided rockets plus machine guns and lasers to tag their enemies – and there’s the Polaris and Zephyr, so you see), you would want to find weapons that will outlast the metagame and be usable anytime, anywhere.

In other words, make an all-comers hangar.

I hope that this proves to be useful to you.

Thanks for reading and keep on supporting this page! Every inch of support means a lot!

1 thought on “Mech Battle: A Beginners Guide for Hangars

  1. Been playing MB now for several days. It is more of a first-person shooter like Counter-strike in the old days or any FPS game. I don’t feel the drama and complications like in War Robots.

    Sometimes the enemy phases in or out like those small fast dash bots in WR. Hands down, the graphics and maneuvering is still with WR.

    Nevertheless, I have been topping the charts when I was in Rookie. I am always upgrading the weapons and bots before a firefight. But still, it is a more heart-pounding game over WR.

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