February 21, 2024
This is the second guide of the series - and we cover basic tactical tips for Mech Battle!
Mech Battle

Let’s be frank: Today, there are many new players in Mech Battle and everyone needs a guidepost in order to be able to understand this game in a better way.

Mech Battle has many players today.

In these pieces, we will talk about the things that players need to do in order to be able to cope up with the ever-changing landscape of Mech Battle.

This time around, we cover Tactics in MB #000000 – the most basic course you can get as it covers all levels of the game.

What are the basic tactics that I need to know in Mech Battle?

1. Do not be idle. If you are not shooting at an enemy now, find an enemy to kill. If you are far away from the fight, yet you are near some beacons, capture them. If you are fighting one versus two, three or four, try to stay alive as much as possible, give information to your team and dish out damage when you can. If you are in an unguided rocket Zephyr, peek and hide and make your enemies come to you.

Do something. Mech Battle is all about momentum, which means you need to contribute to the fight in every single way.

2. Play together with your teammate. Unless you are in a farming match, play off your teammate. Every enemy that you kill together is one less mech to be worried about. Focus fire if possible.

If needed, assign a buddy system among yourselves. This will build up team chemistry and player confidence – as everyone adapts to each other’s game styles.

3. Use cover effectively. Unless you are in a map where you know that your teammates have secure flanks and that you are confident about them doing the necessary adjustments to keep a battle line open, keep one flank covered and focus on your enemy.

4. Use your abilities. Jumping, fast movement, speed boosts, invisibility – use them effectively. Every rocket or projectile that misses your hitbox is damage that your enemy is wasting on you.

In addition, every beacon you capture and every spot that you get covered makes your enemy lose their brains. This is the one way that you can overcome differences in hangar strength.

5. Synergize with your teammate. Is your friend trying to capture the beacon? Lure the enemy to you. Is your enemy having trouble with a skilled Zephyr user? Take him from another angle and take him down together.

6. Do not stand too close to each other. Rockets have good area-of-effect damage.

7. Make sure that you are not that far, so that your teammate can help you make a field of fire (or in the worst case scenario, trade your death).

I hope that this proves to be useful to you.

Thanks for reading and keep on supporting this page! Every inch of support means a lot!

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