April 19, 2024
how to play mech battle
Mech Battle is a big game now! Here's why!

It is now the best time for players to play Mech Battle.

First, the state of the games now shows that there are human players in nearly every match. In addition, there are a new players coming in to stay! If you put it in layman’s terms, Mech Battle is getting huge.

Second, the new ladder system adds more activity and competition to the game. While some people don’t care about the ladder that much (one can get back the -100 prestige that one gets from quitting a game by playing another match), there are many who care.

Third, don’t you want an easy chance at getting 250 platinum (when one finishes in the top 1000)? Don’t you want a great chance at getting 2500 platinum plus a bunch of other stuff?

Fourth, the developers are putting effort in improving the game every single day. They remove bugs, the fix problems and they introduce new features as fast as they can!

This goes without saying that Mech Battle has proved to be a smooth game for the most part!

Overall, don’t you want to be the guy who played the most – and won the most in a single week? (That’s 25,000 platinum to be exact. It is enough for buying 5 Atlas, 10 Chronos or getting 78 million lithium, which could be used to ramp up your weapons and mechs)!

Finally, if you are unable to comprehend the game, here are some guides for you!

This is the time to spread the word and fast!

1 thought on “Mech Battle: A Call For Arms! (Why Should You Play?)

  1. Somehow, WR makes it a point to lure robot pilots away even if their rewards mean worn out thumbs and hours of play per day. I still have to update MB but i also want to reach op 60 for that mercury skin +5%.
    Oh btw thanks for locating me and the invite to the clan.

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