February 21, 2024
how to play mech battle
What are the most prevalent Mech Battle builds? What are their weaknesses and strengths?
One Mech Battle build example.

What are the most prevalent weapons and setups in MB?

You might be asking this question yourself. In reality, there are many Mech Battle builds that you can use. Still, you want it to be efficient, right? In addition, you also want to spend less time and resources…

In these pieces, we will talk about the things that players need to do in order to be able to cope up with MB’s ever-changing landscape.

For this time, we focus on builds – which builds will take you far into the game and why…

Here are some of the most notorious combinations that I saw in this game:

Polaris (full rocket build)

Cheap and extremely annoying among the available Mech Battle builds out there. You may not kill a good Atlas player on it, but it will definitely make sure that your opponents will notice you and focus you down for the rest of the match – it is hilarious to see a Polaris kill a higher-level mech!

It stings.

Valkyrie (full rocket build)

Again, another one built to make your enemy tilt. This is the “no-excuses” build in which you abuse the jump of the robot to make your hitbox hard to hit.

Valkyrie (full machine gun build)

This one will make your enemy cry as they realize you are ripping their robots from afar. Make sure to use it in places that have less cover to create the maximum effect!

Valkyrie (full shotgun build)

Glass cannon. There are other builds out there that would bring you better mileage. However, it is good for the occasional surprise fight.

Atlas (G5000/3 medium miniguns+light unguided rockets/Q200)

Very common and powerful, this setup relies on the “no-reload” mechanism of the Q200 in order to sustain maximum damage. Deadly in tight spaces; less so on large and broad ones.

Atlas (Plasma Guns+G5000)

Fun times. This is one of the most ridiculous medium/long range setups that I saw in a while. This is due to the fact that it dishes out reliable damage makes it one of the dark horse builds of the game – and thanks to the recent buff to its turn speed, it may become a beast in its own right.

Atlas (Plasma Guns+Laser MK2)

This is the old “cancer” build that everyone used in their games. It is still effective, as long as you don’t use it in a straight-up fight; in those situations, the above two Atlas builds will hand you your head.

Chronos (Decimators)

Good for the surprise takedown on short-range maps. Just do not use it in long range – but then again, you’ll be trying to harass and/or capture beacons with this mech, so this is still a very viable build, all things considered.

The Chronos has nasty HP for its size, by the way, so you’ll really get good mileage with it.

Chronos (Persuader)

One of the most common and effective builds nowadays, this build relies on the ridiculous damage output of the Persuader (heavy unguided rockets) as well as the dash of the Chronos to do miracles in straight-up fights against EVERYTHING ELSE.

Only weakness is that you need to have good aim to use this one.


Berserker (Q200, G5000 and Dispatcher)

This build will make sure that most enemies will melt away…do not use it on a straight-up fight though. It abuses the giant ability button which causes you to become the Incredible Hulk…

Berserker (Plasma Guns, G5000 and Dispatcher)

This is the “reliable” version of the above build. Somewhat less damage, but at least you will hit your shots, which is needed especially on days when you don’t have the best phone or the best connection…

As with other Berserkers out there, be careful with your HP.

Zephyr (Q200)

Your new overlord, as far as Mech Battle builds are concerned. Seriously, even the Atlas lasts only 4-6 salvos against this thing. The rockets only need to hit a small part of your hitbox to smack you. Remember the update where Zephyr gets that sweet reliable lock? It made this build into the beast that it is today, replacing the much-hated Plasma Gun Zephyr (super cancerous, by the way, that’s why I post every screenshot of my kills against this build in the past) and turning it into a proper, competitive beast.

Worst of all, it generally outruns you in Capture the Flag (unless you get a better spawn, in which case he loses badly) and it is ridiculously good at capturing beacons.

Counters? Kill it before it kills you, the Zephyr is a paper tiger…or a glass cannon, depending on the time of day. Luckily, the Atlas and the Chronos are there to save your body…

I hope that this proves to be useful to you.

Thanks for reading and keep on supporting this page! Every inch of support means a lot!

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