June 18, 2024
mech battle

For those who haven’t realized it, Mech Battle is dead.

At best, it is a game in its death throes. It is sad, but it is the bitter and undeniable truth.

There is no more ongoing support for the game, except for the servers. They are still available and it is still possible for the most part to find a good game, though many of the players have moved on and went to play other titles.

There are a lot of bugs and hackers out there, but it is still a good game.

It could have been a great game, but the prime time for it to shine was already gone. There are new, better mobile mech titles out there that serve as alternatives to War Robots.

Let us be honest, there are still people who love the game. I ask you humbly to support them and to join the group – you’ll be sure to have fun!

I’m forever grateful for the exposure and support from the Mech Battle community. At its height, it was one of the most amazing gaming communities that I saw.

Personal thoughts

Looking back, I could say that I really enjoyed this game. I have played it with a lot of friends and acquaintances.

Personally, my highest points in the game were the times that I won the top place in the Mech Battle Events weekly ladder, as well as my Mech Battle CTF championship with an all-Filipino squad.

I would always remember those moments fondly.

As for me, I am currently on semi-hiatus. Be rest assured that I am happy right now, and that I am safe, sound, and healthy.

Mech Battle is dead, but I am forever grateful for the great memories that it has given to me. Thank you!

Finally, for the rest of you out there, stay safe, sane, and healthy! Cheers!

4 thoughts on “Mech Battle is Dead: A Sorrowful Elegy

  1. The game is nice developers.but one thing you need to add mick to speak to other players and mininum 20 letters to create an clan and clan war battle and need to reduce thr cost of 5th bay 2500 to 2000.Developers if ypu add mic to speak my frriend is going this game.nice game ever

  2. I agree this is a absolute fantastic game .forever I searched for a mech game that was as easy and exciting to control and play as this in every aspect. Seems people but don’t remember the past of mechs and the mechanical nature of them and there history both on tv in books etc etc idk maybe I’m to old or just remember the mech sagas of my childhood but you made a great game here well at least for me mind you I’m a 37 year old father of two. ASE master automobile technician and lover of all things mechanical and gritty…anyway good job in hope it’s really not the end

  3. Game is dead? Well now the puzzle pieces start to come together. There are still pieces of the puzzle missing for me though… every other week when I’m dumping real dollars in to this thing from promises of greatness, where does all that money go?

  4. Well, maybe you are right. Some bug just happened and everyone is experiencing the same problem. When i try joining a quick match they said it failed to connect to the network even though my wifi was at full connection. Same thing for squad, friend and ai only battle. Hopefully this bug will go away and i can continue to enjoy the game

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