April 21, 2024
Mech Battle was a promising title back in 2019. What happened to the game? Why is it in its current state?
Mech Battle

Let’s get straight to the point: Mech Battle is dying.

Even though the player base is steadily growing, there has been zero content since the beginning of 2020. While it’s true that Austria has been hit hard by the pandemic, the fact of the matter is that they have already re-opened their borders with more than a dozen countries and allowed tourists to come to their nation.

The developers have indicated a few months ago that there will be new changes to the game, along with a new revamp. Fast forward to July, and Djinnworks isn’t even around to provide customer support for its paying players – which still actually spend some amount on the game even with the fact that MB has only more than 5,000 downloads last month.

It’s high time that the Mech Battle metagame is shaken up once again. This means developing new weapons, introducing new mechs, and rebalancing everything else in order to make the game alive again.

In addition, Mech Battle has to deal with an increasing number of cheaters (who have since avoided blatant use of scripts and started to toggle their programs, similar to how players in other games use their cheats), as well as the increasing sophistication of their respective cheat codes, as well as the numerous hilarious and sometimes game-breaking bugs that destroy a player’s motivation to play the game.

Finally, and most importantly, the developers have seemed to leave the game, with zero interactions and replies to their messages on their official Facebook page. It is also a telltale sign that “Mech Battle Events” is now limited to Discord and that it does not feature anymore “prize support” from the developers.

Quite a number of players have left Mech Battle for multiple reasons, with many going to other games such as Mech Wars and Robot Warfare. There are even players who have gone back to War Robots, which is an interesting development considering that these players went to Mech Battle to find an alternative for WR in the first place.

Among the most notable players who have left recently are Tim “EventsDude” Kennedy and Yvonne “TxMomo” Borchert of RK/FUN fame, the latter leaving the game after reaching level 100 in Mech Battle. If these players who loved the game a lot to the point that they invested time and effort to actually participate in the community left MB just like that, then it’s time to actually consider where in the world MB is going.

Mech Battle is a great game. However, unless the developers step in and actually do something – at this point, anything goes, there’s one fact that can’t be denied:

Mech Battle is dying.

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