May 22, 2024
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It seems that Mech Battle is not on Google Play Store as of 10:50 pm UTC. The game has completely disappeared from the platform, right after a stability update.

NOTE: Mech Battle is NOW BACK ON GOOGLE PLAY as OF 2:40 am UTC.

The page has confirmed independently that the application is still available for downloading on the Apple App Store. In addition, the game is still available on Facebook Gameroom, which means that the game hasn’t disappeared yet. Most importantly, the servers are still up, which means that people can still play the game.

If one looks at it from a different perspective, it seems that the game has thrown in the towel. This development also comes after reports that the game wasn’t performing well financially in comparison to other similar titles.

On a milder note, it could simply mean that the developers are developing a hotfix for the game. After all, the game is already notorious for some game-breaking bugs, both in matchmaking and in the live game.

There were already rumors circulating among members of the Mech Battle community that the developers planned to either shut down the game or sell it to a bigger studio, even though Djinnworks and their unofficial community representatives announced that they were planning “big things for the game.”

At the moment, players are still able to play the game worldwide, despite the fact that Mech Battle is not on Google Play.

This is a developing story. Stay tuned for more updates.

UPDATE: 11:30 UTC – Community members have confirmed that Mech Battle is still available for download on iOS.

11:45 UTC – Apparently, the “stability” update included a consent form that required players to agree to share their in-game information to other parties.


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