April 19, 2024


Here are some Mech Battle pictures that will help you understand how the game works in practice!

Here are some Mech Battle pictures that will help you understand how the game works in practice!

Mech Battle Pictures: A collection of memories

mech battle pictures
Capture the flag!

mech battle for all
This is a huge, open map that exists in today’s meta.

mech battle pictures

Time to go back to memory lane:

Now, I actually won a gaming tournament! I thought that it will take much longer, but here I am – a champion! 🙂It took hard work and perseverance to reach this spot with the Bionic Iron – Gilas clan.

We faced three top Mech Battle teams in the world – our own brother clan in the form of Bionic Iron during the first round (3-2, it was close, but we pulled it off in the end), followed by Dead Empire in the second round (3-0, though could have gone either way) and Requiem of Kings in the grand finals (3-0, they came close to wiping us out twice in the series).

How did we win in Mech Battle?

While it can be said that we were lucky, we actually spent up to two hours (for a match that will last 30 minutes on 3 maps – 50 minutes if the series goes all the way) in order to prepare ideas, set up roles and draw out ways in order to synchronize our gameplay.

After all, my teammates are also all talented in the same game – and we are all Filipinos, so there’s the advantage of using one’s own language and the pressure of representing the Philippine mobile mech community as well!

Imagine this kind of preparation, intensified a thousand times. This is what esports (electronic sports) teams do today – and why it is not easy to win the top prize in the tournaments of big games.

Yes, you need to be at least on the top 1 percent of the game in order to win something of monetary value. At least, I am happy where I am right now, and that’s enough for me.

It was the best of times. Being at the top of the world was great. I think that I would like to have that feeling again.

Mech Battle may be about to have its last breath, but it will not go away without a bang!

Hoping that you enjoy these Mech Battle pictures!

Images by Dreamslayer28 via Mech Battle

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