June 15, 2024
This guide will give some tips in order for you to improve your game in this season of MB!
mech battle

Mech Battle is just 100,000-150,000 downloads away from reaching its first million at this point in time. Thus, it can be safely said that it reached a lot of different players, who may or may not have played different mobile mech titles before.

Along with this reality, the current patch is one of the craziest patches in MB as players are still figuring out the most optimal setups. The Killer Atlas (G5000+Plasma) doesn’t seem to be a good all-rounder anymore; instead, it benefits only when the ranges are relatively shorter. Instead, we see a ton of long-range builds, as well as one or two robots that are used for close-quarters combat.

The Atlas is still the most powerful weapons platform out there, but in other roles, it is now outclassed by the likes of the Chronos and the numerous light mechs that are used in Mech Battle.

For now, do you want to win in this patch? Do you really seriously want to be able to get resources to play your A-game easily?

Obviously, there are players who already know the answer (and might be even keeping note of them in a black notebook somewhere), but for those who are looking for a quick guide, hopingly this one helps you a bit!

First of all, get mechs that can use the machine gun classes (MG, MR500 and WB2000) such as the Atlas, Chronos, Inferno, Armageddon and Independence. You will want a MG robot in this patch; everyone and their dog is using it in this game in order to laugh at AI mechs, as well as other players who can’t turn around in time to get to cover.

Ideally, you should have two heavies, one medium and two lights. Alternatively, you can play two heavies and two mediums, though you have to be a bit more conservative with your gameplay – then again, the Chronos has ridiculously high HP for a medium robot, so your mileage may vary!

For close quarters, go ahead and get the Zephyr with four Q200s. You’ll never go wrong with this one: It wrecks the Independence so hard that you’ll think about your life choices twice.

Play with friends that you know well in order to be able to synchronize your strategies well. You should know that four decent randoms have now a chance to beat a squad of four decent players, due to similarities in the weight system being used. Unless you can cheese your way to victory, you’d be better off improving your movement, gameplay and in-game understanding.

Better yet, play while in communication with each other. This improves your in-game experience a lot. All of the people who have won a title (GFYS, with three types of titles in 4v4, 2v2 and 1v1 opens, and the old Gilas; yes, this oddball clan from the Philippines won the only level 1 tournament in MB), made a name for themselves in MB (OATH, RoK, BB and a couple dozen other names come to mind), those who welcome different players (AC, DEA and APEX) and those who created new surprises communicate both in and out of the game.

Grind your robots and bring them to the maximum level. Every ounce of utility matters.

Hoping that you’ll have a great experience in Mech Battle this 2020!

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