May 22, 2024
Here is a newbie edition guide for all the new players who want to experience the beauty of Mech Battle!

Since I wanted to see how the player base is faring, I created a secondary “Newbie Edition” account on Facebook Gameroom in order to have an idea of what the players are experiencing.

It seems that there are more players now in the lower levels than ever before. However, there seems to be no guide out there on how to do the transition from levels 1-5, 6-10 and 11-15 – there are indeed guides, but are intended for general use. This post is intended to serve as a checklist for players on how they can play the game in a better way.

Levels 1-5: The Basics of the Newbie Edition

You should do three things at this point in time: First, get to three slots as soon as possible (the second slot costs a minimal amount of lithium, while the third slot only costs 250 platinum). Second, level your mechs and weapons up to level 4 (or 5, if you have the three-day VIP package). Third, get all the bots (Sentinel is the default starter for you, level it up to 5 so that you can use it for a while), then get a Trident at 150,000 lithium for the invisibility (that can shake off nukes and guided missiles, plus you can use it later on if you are brave enough) and get a Polaris for the jumping mobility (you can still use it at levels 11-15 and even beyond with the unguided rocket class to dish out tons of damage).

Once you’re done with this, all you need to do is go through the motions in this portion of the newbie edition. You will win most, you will lose some, but it will be alright. If you are able to do it properly, you should have a high win rate.

Level 6-10: The Second Step of the Newbie Edition

Get the fourth (or fifth slot) at this time in your newbie edition journey. Make sure that you get to level 5 (or level 6) or even level 7 and beyond – if you have the money and if you are going to stick to your Polaris or Trident later on. Level up the Sentinel up to level 5 only – you will soon replace it with something else anyway.

On the Sentinel, replace the default heavy slot (Homing Missile/Guided Missile) with the Dispatcher once you reach level 9.

In addition, make sure that you have cost-efficient weapons (miniguns, G5000s, and plasma guns) for your other robots.

DO NOT USE THE PROMETHEUS FOR THREE REASONS: BIG HITBOX, INEFFICIENT ABILITY and TERRIBLE WEAPON SLOT PLACING. The only advantage it has over the others is that you can earn it early (level 6).

Once you’re done with all of the above, you are set for a comfortable life at this stage of the game.

You’ll be sure to see the Artemis, Chronos, Valkyrie, Berserker and Atlas in this stage of the game. It is normal to see this.

Just play to your strengths; after all, these players don’t necessarily have yet five of them in their hangars unless they bought the mechs off the shelf with special offers and whatnot (or got the top 99 places in the weekly ladder).

Level 11-15: Normalization Phase

You should know by now that this is the beginning of the portion where the normal rules for creating a robot hangar apply. Depending on your playstyle, you should have five slots by now and you should be able to field the following:

2 Lights (Trident, Polaris or Zephyr),
1 Medium (Sentinel or Chronos)
and 2 Heavies (Berserker or Atlas) are your best bet.

Some can run:

3 Lights, 1 Medium and 1 Heavy
or 3 Lights and 2 Chronos
or 3 Lights and 2 Heavy.

There are even a few who run 4 Lights and 1 Heavy…but that’s not for the faint of heart.

Alternatively, you can run:

3 Heavies and 2 Lights
3 Heavies and 2 Mediums
3 Heavies, 1 Light and 1 Medium


4 Heavies and 1 Light
4 Heavies and 1 Medium

Take note that you can only get the Atlas through the energy cell lottery or the special offers at this point in time. My suggestion is that once you have them, equip them with one of the following classes:

Trident = MGs or Unguided Rockets or Plasma Guns+whatever fits your style in the medium slot
Zephyr = 4 Plasma Guns or Q200s

Sentinel = Dispatcher+Plasma Guns or Dispatcher+Miniguns (you will need to replace this soon though)
Chronos = 2 Persuaders if possible or 2 WB2000s. You can also use 2 Dispatchers if you are confident…

Berserker: Dispatcher or Persuader+2 G5000s+2 Plasma Guns or Q200s or Miniguns
Atlas: 3 G5000s+2 Plasma Guns or Q200s

The reason why the above builds are recommended is because they are also the builds that many, many players use when they go up beyond level 20 in this game.

Playing in These Levels

Just focus on the objectives in this newbie edition phase: Capture beacons and run the flag using the Trident. The reason for this is that the Trident is super speedy, while having an ability that can shake off homing missiles. Oddly enough, many of the players do not have an understanding yet of objectives in this stage of the game as they focus on fighting and fragging opponents.

Trust me, winning these games is easy if you know what you are doing and everyone else goes on their business.

Meanwhile, if you are in Last Mech Standing, be aware of everyone around you. Do not get too focused on your target. Make sure that you keep tabs on everything, so that you’ll know when to fight and when to take a break.

Other than that, have fun playing the game!

Other Recommendations

If you want to have the resources to pursue your dreams of getting a strong hangar early on, I suggest you should get the 3-day starter VIP package for $0.99 (that’s P52.00 in Philippine money or 5.83 Turkish liras).

Here are the benefits that you get from the VIP package:

A. You get the 500 platinum bonus by making a purchase
B. You get the 50% bonus on energy cells, prestige points, experience, lithium and platinum after every game
C. You get the level up bonus that comes with the VIP service (it is found at the top left portion of your hangar interface).
D. You get VIP-only missions (which add more platinum to your account!)

Personal Experience

I honestly loved my time here, not just for the great population, but also for the great fights that happen in a lot of those matches.

I’ll be frank though, I also loved the easy kills. I will not be a hypocrite and proclaim false humility by saying that all “games were challenging – “ I also loved using the RR8 on my second VIP-supplied Sentinel from time to time – it is satisfying to see the Polaris get wrecked by a single shot (or to see mechs being finished by that solo missile – especially that Trident who thought that he shook away his opposite number using the invisibility feature).

However, due to the fact that there are almost no guides out there that deal with the “Newbie Edition” levels (sure, there are general guides, but they are not specifically made for these stages). It is painful to see that they don’t even know how basic aiming works or optimizing their hangar works.

Hoping that this proves to be helpful!

6 thoughts on “Newbie Edition 1: Dreamslaying Mech Battle

  1. yes but they need keyboard controls for those of us that run it on a computer so we can move around without using mouse to do so.

  2. Good stuff! I am a war robots veteran that reached around level 10 on bots and weapons before I quit that shit show of a greed fest. I have been doing pretty good so far and play the objectives while the others just chase each other. This info is definitely good to know though as I am not up to speed on the weapons and bots that are coming my way.. level 8 at the moment and I have mostly followed the advice you gave without knowing it was right.. until I read your post. Cheers! Jack

  3. Thank you so much for this guide. I noticed you never mentioned swarms and homing missiles – do they suck? And how do you counter them in those open maps where someone hides behind a rock and keeps spamming crap, or do you NEED a trident with unguided rockets for that?

    1. Sorry for the late reply! Life caught up with me…

      Swarms/homing missiles do less damage over time, in comparison to MGs, unguided rockets, miniguns, etc.

      Just use the cover of your map – also, if you have high HP mechs, it’s easy to shrug off those pesky guided rockets/missiles. 🙂

      Hope this helps!

  4. Thanks for all the good info. Do you have any tips for the Bertha laser? It always seems like it’s going through the target and no hitting it. Thanks

    1. You can use the Bertha laser with the Inferno and Chronos. Just try and see how it works. While it doesn’t hit well, it hits hard when you get the chance to do so.

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