May 19, 2024
Do you want to get a fighting edge? Then these tips are for you!
Quick Tips In Mech Battle: Newbie Edition 5

With the continuing influx of new players into Mech Battle, it seems that players still are unaware of the most basic tenets of the game. Here are some quick tips that would help you gain the edge when it comes to the in-game economy, knowledge, and overall advancement in Mech Battle!

These quick tips are a part of the ongoing series called “Newbie Edition,” in which we try to cover the game for you! If you want to read the last one, go here!

Quick Tip 1: Be careful of the white towers in the game.

Do you see those white towers scattered across the map? Do not go near them, for these are volatile energy pods that are assured to one-shot your mechs.

You can destroy them from a safe distance (20 meters and above) at the start of a game.

If you’re crafty and want to have a spicy game, you can leave them alone and blow them up when an enemy mech stands next to it. Just be wary that they do not do the same thing to you…

Quick Tip 2: Collect the energy cells

Do you see the things that allied and enemy robots drop when they blow up? Those little boxes of plasma are called “energy cells,” they give you chances to roll one of the boxes:

A quick way to put it would be as follows: Roll the 10-energy (Bronze) chests if you need resources. Get the 50-energy (Gold) chests if you need weapons and bots (besides, you can always sell off undesirable bots and weapons); on top of that, you get both platinum and lithium (or at least one of them).

Quick Tip 3: Play for the objective

If you are able to grab objectives near you, please do so.

Each beacon grabbed is worth 10,000 lithium. This is on top of the damage, win, and VIP bonuses that you get from each game!

Meanwhile, each flag is worth 20,000 lithium. It was pegged once at 50,000, then they reduced it to 10,000 (same as a beacon) when I asked the developers to increase it (and argued that it is more difficult to get a flag than to get a beacon).

Finally, getting the most number of kills and having the most number of objectives gives you massive amounts of platinum!

Quick Tip 4: Do not stand on the objective during Blitzkrieg

Unless you have some physical cover, fire support from your teammates, or some quick fingers that will allow you to enemy movements, it is generally better to play for the retake during Blitzkrieg.

One of the things about Blitzkrieg is that unlike Domination and Capture the Flag, standing on the objective doesn’t give any economic incentive to the player – and doesn’t reliably lead towards a win condition in the game!

Quick Tip 5: Unless you need an Atlas for free, do not get the Ultimate Chest.

While it used to be the craziest source of resources, the Ultimate Chest is now trash.

It is not a reliable source of resources, weapons, and bots.

Worse, it even gives you zero returns!

In other words, among the three energy cell chests, this one is a rip-off.

Hoping that these quick tips have proved helpful for you!

Thank you for reading and have a nice time playing this game!

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  1. ummm are availble to play on chromebook platforms cause yeah icant figure it out also i dont have a mouse

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