June 18, 2024
Want to have a look at a casual player's take on Mech Battle? Read on!

A few months ago, I started my journey in Mech Battle.

Today, I am the proud owner of a 6/7 hangar (this means all my mechs are at level 6 and weapons are at level 7) and I have a three-for-one mech kill ratio as well as a win rating above 3.00.

I am not the kind of player who is super competitive, though I take pride in beating well-known players and get salty at times as well. However, I made it a personal journey to bring my account to a 75 percent win rate and I am happy to say that I have done it a few days ago, without spending more than 15 hours a week in the game.

This clearly shows that Mech Battle, for all intents and purposes, is a fair and playable game. You have the option to sell yourself to the clan grinder or roam the mech battlefields solo, you have the ability to squad up with friends and clanmates, you have 30 seconds to get back to your game if you’re disconnected, and you see that nearly all weapons are viable in the game.

Without further ado, let me relate my journey.


My primary target is to get a 3.00 win rating in Mech Battle. While it is true that the average should be 1.00, the fact that there are many AI bots dilutes the achievement of getting that win ratio. As a reason, knowing that there would be three AI bots in the same team, I decided to aim for 3.00.

In comparison, some of the top players have win ratings of 10.00 (90 percent win rate) and even probably beyond. Thus. I felt that it would be a very good barometer of my learning inside the game.

I haven’t kept a screenshot, but I started at the low 10s with a 1.60-ish rating and I am now at level 18 with a 3.10-ish rating.

Meanwhile, I wanted to improve my kill rating from two to three, just because I wanted to improve my pub stats.


While it is true that one should know how to use all mechs and maintain a versatile hangar, I wanted something that would allow me to win, adjust to changing metas and have fun with.

As a result, I started to build a hangar with unguided rockets, machine guns, plasmas and miniguns. Unguided rockets help me murder opponents in tight spaces, while machine guns give me the element of surprise from afar. Plasmas are a consistent source of damage and miniguns just rip stuff at any range imaginable.

It took me a certain amount of time to get used to the setup that I have now. However, when I saw that my ratings have risen up, I decided to stick with it until today.


My playstyle is pretty much mixed up. As for my approach towards the game, everything which is orange is fair game unless one is playing for keeps, which in this case I’ll go towards that guy first even if I lose in the process.

I tend to play a measured game. I brawl when the enemy is in front of me, but I also take quick breathers through hiding, so that I can slow down and assess what I should do. I also try to remember the last human setup that killed me so that I can counter it properly.

I do not mind losing matches with humans who actually display skill. I mind losing matches against humans who hide and keep their stuff for the endgame – and use missile boats…

I lose to good players and highly-leveled hangars (trust me, with similar skill levels, you don’t want to go up against hangars that are higher than yours, they’ll just eat you alive).

But overall, it’s a nice experience.


In this game, there will be always people who will team up against you, play hide-and-seek with missiles or disconnect to deny you a glorious victory.
It is inevitable. What do I do? I just play and try not to be too salty about it…except when ı am not in the mood. I am just a human too…


Playing with friends, winning against humans on the live server, having close matches and joining a clan are great moments for me.


Mech Battle is a great mobile mech game. You can become a good player through the use of skill, spending time to improve and not having to spend even a single cent on it.

The journey took a few months, had many amazing moments, some terrible times and a ton of surprises, like when you find out that the Zephyr’s rocket launcher setup is at full level and eats through your HP EASILY!

It’s an amazing game. I do hope to see the Mech Battle landscape become bigger in the future!

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