February 22, 2024
Here's a thank you post...and a call for players to play this game!

So, I am extremely happy about Mech Battle.

It is an engaging game, to say the least. I left my full 500-character review on Google Play for everyone to see…

But really, when I entered this game, I met another group of online friends with whom I can relate quite a lot. I think that this is the biggest plus that I have seen in this game so far.

In addition, I’m happy about the endless and positive support by the Mech Battle community for the content that we make. For this, I would always be extremely grateful.

And this game is awesome. In general, 5/5. Solid. Epic.


Then, I would like to talk about Mech Battle itself. I highly suggest this game to everyone who plays mobile mech games, for the following reasons:

A. Easy barrier of entry – Upgrades are quick until they reach level 6, which should be enough until one reaches level 15. With that being said, the old adage in video game creation, called Bushnell’s Law, is very applicable in this game:

All the best games are easy to learn and difficult to master. They should reward the first quarter (noobs) and the hundredth (pros).

B. Customization options – includes gender options, colorblind support and easy access to clans, among others

C. A young, vibrant community – The community of Mech Battle includes many veterans from various mobile mech games, as well as some competitive players who played in leagues like War Robots’s Six-Pack League.

D. Access to graphics options – you have a setting where you can change your game performance (i.e. FPS) in the settings. This is great for many phones.

E. New maps – Mech Battle is increasing its map pool. If you wanted to see an emerging game, try this one out now!

F. New and UNIQUE GAME MODE – Capture the Flag is a concept that has never been explored in other mobile mech games.

G. Proactive balancing – While there are “easy-to-use” setups, weapons and bots, no one single setup is considered to be overpowered in this game.

H. Quick fixes – Something’s wrong? They’ll fix it fast!

I. Supportive developers – While it is true that the Mech Battle has only a three-man team, the developers are always receptive to feedback and are geniuses in synthesizing the correct solutions.

J. A burgeoning competitive scene – From casual nights to large-scale tournaments, you’ll have them all here!

PS: It is an affordable game – This game is never heavy in the budget. I might buy a VIP set soon, depending on the tides of time!

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