June 15, 2024
Here are some opinions on Battle of Titans, after having 10 matches with it!!!

Finally, I’ve met Battle of Titans!

So, after 20 or so matches in Android Beta (otherwise, how in the world will I have 500 million EC), I believe that I already have a good grasp of the game and I can already talk about my first experiences on it!

Here are some things that I’ve observed about Battle of Titans.

First, the game is pretty much straightforward at the moment: It’s a matter of who gets the most kills or who wipes out the enemy right now, in a map that resembles modern Egypt.

What a great way to do a throwback to history, no?

Now time to have a basic introduction to the game itself. Obviously, the old timers of the game should know about all of these things, but since I am new to the game and I like doing initial observations, so there you go!

The Movement

Battle of Titans has implemented dynamic movement schemes; this means that robots can move in a clunky way, hide their guns behind cliffs, jump to the top of a pipeline, climb walls, etc.

This allows for more tactics and strategies to be applied inside the game.

The Weapons

Machine guns, cannons and missiles (I saw these three so far) are the name of the game here. They do what they do in real life: Machine guns do less damage, but more shots and faster firepower. Cannons do high damage and shoot a bit slower, but it is good because the magazines automatically reload!

Same for real life, missiles explode when they are out of range. And yes, I love playing with missiles, I don’t know why, probably it’s just me and my predilection to be addicted to their usage…

Yes, there is no such thing as a permanent lock in this game, which means that the game is as realistic as it could get.


Unlike in many games, add-ons that improve a robot’s performance. Obviously, the higher the tier, the better it performs…and the more expensive it becomes.

However, it is quite easy to earn currency for items inside this game, as long as you finish in the upper four of your team and help your team win the game!

Personal Experiences

At first, I wasn’t accustomed to the movement and I didn’t know the ranges of my weapons. However, I was lucky enough to win all matches except for that one match where my opponents played way better than we did.

When I finally got the way the game is supposed to be played…and get a couple of Sarisas (missile launchers, think of them like unguided versions of Hellfires), I started to rack up damage like crazy. It was satisfying to see robots dodging stuff, rushing at their enemies and releasing tons of ordnance.

The camera view is also great. It made me immerse more into the battlefield.

The fact that there’s no clutter whatsoever inside the game gave me a very good impression. I actually felt like I was piloting a robot and that I was fighting inside the field!!!

My Take

If this thing comes out on Android and continue the current development philosophy that they have at the moment, then they should be able to go up against War Robots.

After all, the Unreal Engine is a big upgrade over the stuff that WR uses at the moment (IT people, correct me if I am wrong on this one) and many things about the appearance and intuitiveness of the game would actually give other mobile mech titles a run for their money.

Matchmaking is also relatively balanced and I never felt helpless in any of the games – in other words, skill plays a great role in this title.

I am excited to see this on Android pretty soon!!!

How to get into the beta for Android? Go to their Facebook page and find out!!!

As for iOS, you already have it on your store anyways…

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