May 19, 2024

Without further ado, I’d like to start with the fact that the game does not natively exist on Android. As a result, I needed to download an XAPK file from the Internet and convert it to a normal APK file.

Finally. Looks neat.

After converting it to an APK file, I found out another bummer: The APK file does not work on Xiaomi devices, which happen to include a lot of phones that are used here in the Philippines. My newer smartphone is a Redmi Note 9S, which meant that it was not able to play the game.

When I played the game, I found out that it was a fast-paced 5v5 game in which players are supposed to control objective markers…or just frag everyone on the other team.

I saw that the UI is quite responsive, though sometimes I forget to use my abilities due to the fact that the visual cues are not clear sometimes.

However, I enjoyed the smooth games and the clear graphics, as well as the relatively intuitive map architecture.

The victory conditions are clear enough for beginners to follow. Of course, since this is still a beta game, I am quite optimistic that the game will become a more refined title.

It is nice to have a victory every now and then! Hoping that you enjoy this quick beginner’s review of the game…and see you in the battlefield!

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