May 22, 2024
Here are some quick thoughts about the new AI paint and some other stuff!
Hi guys! You’re richer than me!

It’s a nice touch to see AI have paint jobs!

Now makes me feel like I’m a plebeian..

The little guy in blue.
Prometheus AI in red.

Also, the squad leader function is really nice. Looks like there is a ton of “quality-of-life improvements” that Mech Battle is doing…

Look at the star to the top right.

I think it’s a very good way to ensure that players know who the shot-caller is (in case of organized play) or who the host of the server is (when custom games are played).

Now, if there will be health bars for allies, then this game would turn into a very, very tactical one. That will add to the complexity and playability of this game.

On the other hand, this update has seen many players use diverse hangars! It’s a great time to be a Mech Battle player…and to bring players to the game!

Hope you enjoyed reading this short, disjointed entry!

Good luck and have fun enjoying the game!

1 thought on “Mech Battle 1.5.1: Quick Thoughts

  1. Hey bud, I gave this a chance, surprisingly smooth and quite a contrast to our religion that is War Robots. I liked the realism in that the mechs weren’t shooting snowballs out of their mouths or locking me down. I thought a good military streamlined approach more my style. Not rainbow colored laserbeams. Ok finally found somewhere to share my lil opinions on this game. Too bad it’s not taking off, not in my bubble yet anyway.

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