May 22, 2024
Here are some thoughts on the new 2.0 patch!

Take note that these are scattered notes on Mech Battle 2.0!

Mech Battle 2.0

In Mech Battle 2.0, the two new maps need some time to get used to, especially in terms of masterimg the nooks and corners of each one. Optimizing hangars will also take some time, which means that the metagame is going to be shaken up a bit.

It is a fact that the new mode opens up different avenues of play. One strategy is where someone can try to keep the flag instead of scoring it in order to force a Mexican standoff, keeping the momentum and the objective on one’s side to give a score advantage. Another one is to equip everyone with the Chronos and attempt to play the tempo game. Yet another one is to guard the middle and focus fire on all comers, thus causing them to mech out. In short, the new mode will make players play differently this time around and allow them to create new tactics as well as show off their skills.

Meanwhile, the ability indicator is a big blessing. One would know now exactly how many seconds is needed in order to activate an ability – this will be big in timed jumps and dodging attempts as well.

Next is the allied health bar. With this function, it is easier now to keep track of an ally who needs help, as well as to setup new gamestyles due to the fact that you can now choose the tempo of your team!

In addition, the textures and edges of the robots are well-defined, which adds a level of detail previously absent in other mobile mech games. It is a fresh approach to see that the three-man developer team is pouring effort that one would normally see only in AAA game titles.

As for weapons and bots, only the Swarm-class family of homing missiles has been changed and optimized for the new map mode. The Nuke-class has only been changed once and from initial responses, the weapons performed fairly good in the battlefield.

Of course, this means that mobility is more important than ever, as pointed out in previous posts.

It is clear that the competitive way for Mech Battle 2.0 is the planned endgame for this mobile mech title. It seems that the future is bright for this game title!

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