April 19, 2024
Here are some perspectives on the latest change!
Photo from the Mech Battle eebpage.

We are in a new phase of Mech Battle.

1.4.11 just showed everyone why this game is making deep inroads into the greater mobile mech scene against a field that is dominated by War Robots and about to be contested by NetEase’s Super Mecha Champions.


First, they removed the jump on the Atlas and the Berserker.

Wait, this was supposed to be a nerf, right?

The odd thing is that it actually increased the power of these robots by ensuring that fewer projectiles are lost due to hitbox interaction while the robot is in the air. If anything, I actually registered more damage match-for-match and kills against players of all sorts and levels.

In the field, this made sure that players would still equip their hangars with at least three Atlas robots.

This reminded me of changes made to Dota 2’s Batrider, where despite every effort by Valve and Icefrog (the main developer) to nerf the hero, it still remained scary from one patch to another. Find professional games of Batrider across nearly every patch and one would see that everyone and their dog are still busy using it.

Also, this change made me remember Mephiston from Warhammer 40k, where he used to be a monstrous presence in the battlefield to a sufficiently badass character despite the nerfs.

This is actually one of those genius changes by Mech Battle’s parent company in this patch.

And yes, I still keep four to five of those mechs in my hangar. There’s just no reason for me to change them – I can live without the jump personally.

Djinnworks would definitely watch out for this change as they monitor how players have their interactions with these robots.


Next is the change on the Inferno. This is just another way of introducing new robots to the mix without severely disrupting the flow of the game.

Overall, this change was just on point.


Then, we have the buff to the GenesisMK2. If anything, this is one of the changes that will add more flavor and spice to the game. Maybe we will see them as a niche counter to the “plasma” metagame that we have at the moment?


Finally, the change on the Blasters was a much-needed one. Seriously, there is much potential to be explored in using these weapons – though I am not using them at the moment as I am focusing on ways to survive my journey to level 25.


To sum it up, this is actually one of the least disruptive patches that I’ve ever seen. See you on the battlefield!

PS: Does any of the developers play Dota 2 or similar MOBA games? It seems that they have a knack for very good balancing and patches that emphasize the improvement of the player experience.

PPS: Mech Battle is officially the most progressive mobile mech game that integrates a lot of “quality of life” changes.

There we have it!

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