June 15, 2024
Here's an intermediate-level guide that should give you a feeler on today's lives in Mech Battle!
A mixed Atlas build, back in the “old” days…

Now, you know already the basics. You also know some of the things that you need to do in order to win the game.

It’s now time to choose your first clan. Also, it’s now time to get to know how people build their mechs.

A clan, as everyone knows, is a group of people who come together for the purpose of playing and growing together. This is supposed to be the general definition of a clan, as far as the general gaming population is concerned. In games with esports components, clans serve as a scouting group where talented players are identified and groomed before being incorporated into the main team, academy team or sent off to other main teams.

There are many clans out there, but it would be safe to say that they are divided into four general types:

1. Competitive clans: They squad a lot, they help you min-max your builds and they actually want you to win. THEY WILL MAKE YOU WIN, but you have to do big amounts of commitment in terms of time, effort and for content creators, make GOOD CONTENT.

2. Casual clans: They accept all kinds of players, provided that they do minimum requirements in squadding, gameplay, “game ethics”, etc. These are the types of clans where the atmosphere is more relaxed – also, when the clan gets its groove, it also happens to become a place to last.

2B. The “hybrid purpose” clan: While these have a mixture of competitive and casual players, they also serve as places where content creators can share their content or do some other stuff that are not possible in types 1 and 2.

3. Academy clans: Think of them as places where one can learn the game, under the guidance of mentors and players from competitive clans. Once you’re up to a certain level, they either promote you to handle the academy clan or join the main (competitive) clan as a full-fledged member. If you were not that good though, the mentor will have to decide your fate.

4. Normal clans: These clans have just been made for fun, made for friends or just made for any other reason other. As such, do not expect these clans to either last – or really contribute to your growth in any way.

Next, you have to realize that while it is very important to have fun, it is also necessary to know the latest builds in the game today. It is also vital to know that winning will give you bigger dividends than losing, when it comes to resources – thus being able to use the builds and to counter them.

There are quite a few builds that resonate in the field at the moment (IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER):

We are ready to proceed.

1. Jumping/Sniping/Surprise Valkyries: The jumping Valkyrie abuses the hitbox interaction of the jump. As such, heavy unguided rockets (3 Persuaders) and cannons (3 Decimators) are used for this build. Meanwhile, the sniping Valkyrie uses three heavy machine guns (3 WB2000s) in order to destroy mechs from range. Finally, the Surprise Valkyrie uses three Imperators or three Dispatchers in order to melt down an enemy in midrange combat; heck, one can even use these setups for close range, provided the pilot is competent enough to handle the pressure.

2. Chronos: Three common builds – Decimator Chronos (aka Shotgun Runner), Imperator Chronos (aka Harass Runner) and Persuader Chronos (aka Area-of-Effect Runner). All of these builds abuse the Chronos’s movement speed and durability, thus making them notorious support bots.

3. Atlas: Everyone’s bread-and-butter build: Three MK2 lasers plus two plasma guns is the general build of the day. It is too strong to ignore, as everyone and their dog would make sure to load up at least two of these monsters. NOT ANYMORE. STILL USABLE THOUGH. JUST USE IT FROM COVER. EDIT: Usable again, thanks to the double jump. Just make sure you don’t have a Zephyr or a Chronos circling around you!

3B. Atlas: One can use full miniguns (mid-range to short range), three F300s with miniguns (mid-range ability with a way to rip enemies close range), three G5000s with plasma guns (mid to long range; more accurate; pinging ability from afar), three G5000s with cannons (utility) or three G5000s with MGs (mid to long range engage) – all of them are still ridiculous in terms of damaging opponents. Heck, one can use a Sniper Atlas on huge maps (MG and MR500), but beware of Zephyrs and Chronos…

NOTE: All-blaster/blaster-minigun mixes are becoming popular.

ALSO – Full cannon/cannon mixes.

4. Berserker: Mixing up rockets with miniguns on a Berserker has proven to be a good niche build for the said mech thus far in this game.

NOTE: All blasters/Blasters with heavy minigun/Miniguns with Imperator are slowly getting popular.

ALSO – Full cannon/cannon mixes.

5. Zephyr: Zephyr on four plasma guns or Q200s will own your days if you’re lagging and not careful of how you play the game.

A note here is that Atlas will become weaker than the rest of the pack if it ever gets nerfed again, so it would be best to look for alternatives such as the Berserker, Juggernaut and Armageddon. Heck, we might see a speed metagame soon – if Djinnworks really wants it to happen.

In a speed-based metagame, Zephyrs and Chronos would own the game due to their speed and weapons load. Currently, Mech Battle is in a flux when it comes to its metagame, though it’s currently a weapons-based metagame due to the fact that the survival of one’s mech depends on the viability of the setups placed on it.

Winning is just as important as having fun. A good player should be able to adapt and play against any type of situation.

Hoping that this gives you a bird’s eye view of Mech Battle – right after you learn the basics.

Thank you for reading and see you on the battlefield!

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