May 19, 2024
Here are my latest thoughts as a casual player on Mech Battle!
Nice scenery, but the non-spawning bug is real!

Sometimes, you’ve got to ask yourself, what does it take to appreciate a game?

I went to Malaysia and Turkey for a one-month vacation and even then, I can’t help but stay updated with some developments in Mech Battle. Here are the things that struck me out the most:

Why is the Mech Battle community growing?

This is because of the new, improved content (maps, abilities, balance updates) that is pushed out by the developers nowadays.In addition, efforts by many community members to promote the game have allowed other players to try Mech Battle for themselves and consider it as a side game that they can play from time to time, in addition to whatever game that they may be playing right now.

The community is finally becoming more diverse and alive. Seeing many new players from different countries makes me happy as people get to see different playstyles and personalities come into the fore.

From the increase in the number of clan leaders to seeing more individual rivalries in the community, Mech Battle is starting to have a core identity of its own. This will allow the game to be recognized not just as another mobile mech title, but as a title which has the potential to become one of the genre’s greatest.

For me, there is no better time to join the game than now: With just the right amount of resource gathering options and a good flow of human players per match in order to keep things lively and interesting, Mech Battle is in a very good spot when it comes to the mobile mech space.

What are the issues in Mech Battle?

Just another day in this buggy map!

The game is still buggy. From bots not spawning to bots going through walls, it seems that Recon is the map that will test the patience and abilities of the development team. On the other hand, certain glitches in other maps (i.e. being able to get through walls and hide inside them, among other things) have been spotted by players inside the game.

I personally experienced a bug when my game progress for the “Capture the Flag” task didn’t update at all. It caused a bit of inconvenience, but overall it was fine. The other bug that I noticed was that ads were not working at all – when I messaged the developers, they realized that they’ve ran out of ads from the Philippines. Oops!

With that being said, it needs to be pointed out that no game is free from bugs. The only difference between a good game and a bad one is the developers’ response time, as well as the quality of the fixes they introduce to the game.

I’m pretty sure that Djinnworks belongs to the former one, thus I know that I’m happy with this game.

Disclaimer: As far as mobile mech games go, I currently play Warhammer Combat Cards, Horus Heresy: Legions, Super Mecha Champions and War Robots along with Mech Battle.

Why should I play Mech Battle now?

There are more players than ever before. It is obvious from the questions posted in the Facebook groups as well as the number of players joining various clans that the Mech Battle community is becoming more active and populated.

This is good news for the game itself as it means that at the very least, more players would be watching videos (which in turn, increase the potential income of the company) and allowing them to spend more resources on this game.

In terms of the quality of the matches, I only get AI matches on one out of four games, in comparison to getting AI matches on one out of ten games (I do not click the option to face squads and/or prefer human players as I want my matches to be peaceful, casual ones). Still, the fact that I face one or more (three on three matches are not anymore a rarity in matchmaking) players in a game attests to the fact that the game is growing at a steady rate.

Overall, these are my observations of the game. Hope you enjoyed reading them!

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