May 22, 2024
Here is the latest rundown of Mech Battle 1.4.0-1.4.2!

Mech Battle is a rapidly developing game whose landscape changes every day. Without further ado, here is the rundown of the latest changes to the game as of 1.4.0.

New and Changed

– Initial Clan Manage support. Create and Manage your own Clan or join existing Clans

Finally, everyone has been waiting for this change. With this new feature, it’s easier for clubs, teams or alliances to be created in the game and allows more interaction between the players. Expect a new influx of players with this feature.

– New short-medium range Map “Dome”

This map has two levels, located one above the other. Locations of beacons are more or less evenly spread around the map. There are lots of obstacles and cover, which is good against non-rocket weapons.

– New models for Tomak, TomakNGEN and RR8 with reload animation

Cosmetic change, does not change the fact that they’re low-tier weapons right now.

– New Dodge ability for Chronos

This one is legitimately great. With the Chronos bot being a premium robot, one would wonder about its place in the greater scheme of things in the Mech Battle universe.

Now, many players would run one of these, especially for running beacons and harassing heavy robot users. If the laser rework comes in…good luck beating a good Chronos pilot in the future.

– Colour-blindness support. When enabled in game different colours will be used to better differentiate own and opponent team

Great touch! A humanistic approach to gaming, Mech Battle deserves to have more players than it has right now!

– Offline Clan push notification support to send messages to your Clan members to organise battles

This one is related to the new Clan feature above. It allows teams to organize before they even open the game. Great stuff right here!

– Added support to add all Clan members automatically to your friends list

Once again related to the new Clan feature above, this one gives more room for interaction between Clan members and sparing them the tedious task of looking up for someone’s ID to add them for squad games.

It seems that this company is leading in the quality of life category at the moment!

– Show “player is typing” icons in Battle Menu

Another great feature that improves the quality of life of players who are in the game.

– Depending on set Quality different explosion effects are used now

This one is vital, considering that some may be lagging due to the amount of memory that explosions use.

– Added confirmation dialog to not quit game unintentionally

Another great feature that improves the quality of life of players who are in the game.

– New translations for Chinese, Hindi and Portuguese

More steps towards expanding the market and localization of the game!

– It is not possible to manually use Clan Tags anymore in player names

Logical, obviously one has already a new way to identify clans, right?

Balancing Changes

– Match Asian players with all other players

Wait, wasn’t this already happening anyway? 75 percent of my matches are with Americans, Brits, Russians, Germans, etc.

– Minigun Series damage curve adjustments

The Minigun class is still usable, so I guess players can survive with that. I see a lot of players upgrading lasers nowadays though…predicting the next metagame?

– Various adjustments to all ballistic and rocket weapons

Yet to see the general effect of this, though I am seeing a general rise in the use of homing missiles (Sidewinders and Nukes).

– Tons of changes for AI bot matching

Yet to see the effect of this, though it seems that the AI do now dish the pain in a more consistent way than before.


– MechLab sometimes didn’t show values on first view

Nice fix.

– Fixed AI sometimes doesn’t attack depending on players positions

Thank you Djinnworks!

– Fixed AI sometimes walking through obstacles

Ghost of Djinnworks…

– Fixed not correctly applied paint jobs for Independence

Good one too!

– Use shown distance to target when computing hit damage multiplier

The best fix among them, it’s now basically “what you see is what you get,” makes things simple and creates a more interactive matchup!

– Various translation fixes

Quality of life change here. Good one!

– Use correct explosion effects (1.4.1, 1.4.2)

Thanks for this!


This is the best patch of Mech Battle that has been released so far: New content in the form of Dome, an adjustment to a premium robot, some weapons changes and tons of improvements in the player experience.

With the addition of Clan options as well as graphics and color support for players, Mech Battle should see an influx of players in the upcoming days.

I am looking forward to the next update from Mech Battle!

Until then, see you on the field!

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