April 19, 2024
Mobile mech games come to the fore in 2019. Want to know who they are? Read here to find out!

2019 has seen many mobile mech games come to the fore. This is a very interesting time for the genre as many new titles are being pushed out there in the open.

Without further ado, here they are!

The Mobile Mech Game That Stands: War Robots

mobile mech game
A symbol of today’s game.

Say what you will about the game, but War Robots is as strong as ever. As such, it is the undisputed number one mobile mech game this year. You might claim that old players have left the game, but then the new players are here to stay – injecting new blood to a game that has been present for the better part of a decade.

With tens of thousands of concurrent players and millions of unique accounts, this game has earned hundreds of millions of dollars in the past two years. Add to that the influx of new downloads and you can see from the numbers alone that WR is the number one mobile mech game in the world, beating even NetEase’s Super Mecha Champions.

Though there are certain sightings of crashes, glitches and cheats in the game, War Robots still retains a huge playerbase (all of these despite the ridiculous amounts of power creep that exist in this game). Yes, its core gameplay is familiar, intuitive and to be honest, addictive. Just make sure that you don’t overspend on this game; after all, this is neither a competitive esports title nor an AAA game title.

A New Generation of Mobile Mech: Super Mecha Champions

mobile mech game 2
Eastern-style brawls are here. Coming soon for you!

Battle Royale? You have it. Team Deathmatch? You got it too!

Although it has only over one million downloads so far (well, the saturation of these types of games have led people to download and try these kinds of titles less) SMC by NetEase is a solid game overall. Obviously, due to this strong performance, SMC takes the solid number two spot in this list. Being here tells a lot about their strengths in the mobile mech genre.

This is the only game in the list that features anime-style mechs. While there are other Gundam games out there, the thing is that they’re not as interactive as this one (correct me if I am wrong).

I personally loved this game so much. Now, if only my phone could keep up with the graphics requirement needed to operate this game (the develpers are optimizing the game with their every update though), as well as having more time to play it, well, I would definitely play it and recommend it to other players out there.

The balancing is quite great too in this game – without the power creep that threatens to destroy gameplay, which is more than could be said of other games in this list.

Without going into the nitty-gritty of it, Super Mecha Champions has all the features of a complete game on PC, minus the hassle of getting a high-end desktop.

Of course, it has a ton of micro transactions…for cosmetics.

The Rising Mobile Mech Game: Mech Battle

mobile mech game 3
We slay, guys! Yay!

This underrated game from an Austrian publisher called Djinnworks is making the rounds in the past few months – as such, it is one of the top mobile mech games in this list. It has now many new players who fill up the servers, it has just conducted two tournaments for players, it is home to many different clans and it updates constantly based on the inputs of the players. This game has more than half a million downloads – not bad for a game that just came out in 2019.

As a matter of fact, the official page makes it a point to reply and answer people’s concerns about various aspects of the game, which places Mech Battle’s developers among the most hands-on people on this list.

Everyone knows that Pixonic and the other companies out there have varying mechanisms, but none of them answer players’ issues in the way that Djinnworks does. This is the main reason why MB is the poster child of mobile mech games when it comes to developing relationships with the community.

The only downside is the graphics, but let’s be real here: Gameplay is really easy to learn, gaining in-game resources is straightforward and you are sure to have maximum human interaction with its world, squad, friend and clan chat feature.

In addition, they have just added Blitzkrieg (aka REAL KING OF THE HILL) and Team Deathmatch mode, in addition to the already-existing Domination, Capture the Flag and Last Mech Standing modes. The latter have been immensely upgraded over the past few months, resulting in more intuitive gameplay.

The only other mobile mech game which ensures maximum player interaction is Super Mecha Champions. This says a lot about Mech Battle, to be honest.

Let’s see where the game goes forward. It’s been a good while since the game had new weapon/bot content.

A Mobile Mech Game That’s Here to Stay: Robot Warfare

mobile mech game 4

This game used to be the alternative to War Robots – until Mech Battle decided to step up its game and deliver loads of new features. Right now though, it’s a decent game, as judged by the number of downloads surpassing the 1-million mark.

But then, you can’t connect right now to the game properly, can you? Despite this intermittent issue, many others consider this game to be at least more playable than War Robots (at its best, it is quite a spectacle indeed) – as there is still wiggle room for skill and tactics in this game.

If you come from War Robots and want to try something else other than the Leech, Phase Shift, Ao Jun and all those symbols of the power creep mania, then this one is for you.

Special Mentions

Infinity Ops

A hybrid game, similar to Super Mecha Champions, Infinity Ops allows the player to play an FPS game and a mobile mech game at the same time. While there are weapons that give a slight advantage, it is playable overall.

It is actually the second highest in terms of downloads on this list, with over 10 million downloads at the time of writing.

This shows that the people at Azur have noticed something right and have learned from their experiences handling other games – even if those experiences didn’t apply to Robot Warfare as a whole.

Mech Wars

Despite the fact that humans only appear in 1 out of 5 games, the developer is still updating the game in a positive way every now and then, which is more than could be said of other mobile mech games out there.

The thing with Mech Wars is that it is an active game; meaning that the robots are not limited in number. Instead, you can spawn multiple times as long as the match is going on, thus ensuring that you get the piece of the action and you’ll always have a chance to tip the balance of the match in your favor.

Now, if only they market the game properly even for a while…

Mech Wars won’t be that empty after all. It is a decent game and with some graphics rehashes and effective advertising, they can actually attract some other players and fill them up a bit, which would make for some interesting games.

Battle of Titans

A game that used to have great potential, its development has been held for many years, being overtaken by the likes of Super Mecha Champions, Infinity Ops and even Mech Battle.

Yes, among the games on this list, this is one of the only two games that have AAA graphics; the other one is Super Mecha Champions, which is to be expected at this point in time (considering that it’s basically NetEase who is responsible for this game).

Still, the title is not that bad, considering that it has still a relatively large community and the gameplay is straightforward: Just kill everyone in sight with a Cormorant.

Or maybe EMPs or something like that.


Jokes aside, there are still tournaments, contests and giveaways that aim to stop the bleeding of the player base to other mobile mech titles.

In addition, the developer tries to update the roadmap as much as possible, though in comparison to the other games in this title, the updates seem to last forever.

Let’s just hope that 2020 will be a better year for the game.


This could have been a good one, except for the fact that the developers haven’t focused on this game. Yes, it is balanced and well-made, but there are nearly no players at the moment.

There were reports of prominent clans from other mobile mech games who approached the developers in order to promote the game; however, nothing concrete came out of these offers and entreaties.

The concept is very simple and innovative during the time that it was created: A World of Tanks style progression system placed inside a mech game, with a very straightforward style of gameplay and multiple potentials for tactical moves using the inherent architecture of the map.

Yes, it’s very easy to win against bots. But trust me, it gets boring pretty quickly.

To sum up, there are many mobile mech games out there that are actually worthwhile to play. It is up to the player which games to choose and how much time/effort/resources to use for that particular title.

Hoping that you’ve enjoyed reading this piece!

Thanks for your time and patience!

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