June 15, 2024
Some predictions regarding the upcoming maps, buffs and game mode!

Right now, Mech Battle is having the calm before the storm as the new features are still not yet found on the live server.

As it stands, everyone is already grinding and getting ready for the next update drop, which will come pretty soon. Many should be already testing new setups and upgrading different robots and weapons which could give them an advantage in the new patch.

Here’s a breakdown of how the entire patch will work:

A. Two new long-range maps: This is a small, indirect buff to no-mobility robots like the Atlas and Berserker, as they would struggle to chase lights and speed mechs in the field. However, they can be very good weapons platforms – and as it stands, there are many weapons that can be used on these mechs…plus they can definitely provide cover in Capture the Flag…

B. Capture the Flag mode: As a result of this, Chronos, Zephyr and the like would be more powerful, as they can go behind the protection of their heavier cousins while carrying the flag. This would force every single player to keep two light or medium bots in their hangar. Unless they get a good random drop (whoever is carrying the flag will always opt for the safe spawn), heavy bots would have a hard time getting the flag back without proper backup and weapons.

C. Buffs to homing missiles and nukes: News flash – the homing missile family, particularly the JJ2000, can hit quite heavily now. Expect to see more of them in the upcoming days as players dig them out of the garage.

D. Long-range setups: If you did not invest in machine guns or a couple of homing missiles, the right time to do so is now. Those who already have them will have a field day as they rip people on these large, open maps with ease.

E. Blaster family buffs: There’s another possibility that they will be buffed – though they haven’t been stated yet. As it is, the case for buying or getting them is getting stronger by the day.

Hope that you find this helpful!

Thanks for reading, and see you on the battlefield!

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