June 18, 2024
My thoughts on the Atlas nerf and some other stuff as well!

So, the publishers of Mech Battle have decided to give the Atlas an actual nerf, albeit a small one in macro terms. By reducing the ability of the Atlas to engage quicker targets…and giving a minor

Meanwhile, the Swarm and JJ2000 are getting adjusted again, in preparation for their final implementation on the live server.

What is the new metagame in Mech Battle right now?

With the first actual nerf to the Atlas, Zephyr, Chronos and all the other fast bots suddenly become the superstars of this game due to a combination of speed and lethality capability.

At the moment, players want to have robots that will allow them to have mobiity and striking power on the field. The Atlas was the only robot who can stop that despite losing its jump.

With that counter gone, it can be expected that the metagame will turn from a damage-piling one into that of a speed-based metagame.

Yes, it seems that the predictions regarding the Zephyr and Chronos are correct: They are in the spotlight now.

What does the Atlas nerf mean for the common player?

Hey guys…

As Nikolaos Hendrick, one of the pioneer players of the game, pointed out in a FB post, the Atlas will badly need support now…and that its best purpose is that of a mobile artillery platform.

That’s a euphemistic way of saying that the Atlas is a second-class bot now.

Frankly, at this rate, the Berserker and the Valkyrie would fare better. If Armageddon and Juggernaut sees some buffs, then it would be a diverse mix of mechs that can play on the field.

If I were to be the common player, I would stack up on gold an practice any of the game skillsets that are needed to pilot a Chronos, Berserker and Zephyr properly. I would also level up my other bots whenever I can. Of course, I am a common player, but I have to admit that while I can go up against Zephyrs, I am bad at piloting them.

By the way, I can still use an Atlas as a semi-missile mech. Get two miniguns, three JJ2000s and see the tears flow out as mechs scramble for cover on the new maps.

Now, how does one counter the Zephyr and Chronos? A combination of homing missiles, high-damage weapons and long-range sniping would do the trick. As a result, this patch is also an indirect buff for the JUMPING ROBOT CLASSES, especially those with high HP and good weapons hardpoints.

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed it!

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