April 19, 2024
highest-earning mobile mech games
Does your favorite game rise above the rest? Who's at the top of the food chain?

Curious about the amount of money your favorite mobile mech game earns? Curious about the debate of who is best mobile mech game out there, based on the statistics? Curious about the highest-earning mobile mech games?

Here are some cold, solid figures from Sensor Tower, which is a website that tracks performance metrics for mobile games out there.

5. Mech Battle (age: <1 year)

The game is ranked at number 194 as of May 4, just six places above the next-placed game, with more than 10,000 unique downloads as of March 2020. The picture for iOS is relatively worse, with Mech Battle at number 786 for iPhone and number 318 for iPads as of May this year.

The total monthly revenue of the game is slated at around $13,000 for both platforms for March of this year, with Android players spending $8,000 and iOS players shelling out $5,000 from their pockets.

4. Mech Wars (age: <1 year)

The game is ranked at number 200 on Android’s action category with 20,000 downloads (twice more than that of Mech Battle) and number 489 on iPhones and number 219 for iPads for this month so far – this means that they perform better against some of the other games on the list. This game has more downloads for iOS than the next best competitor (three times the number of Mech Battle at 30,000 or so).

As for earnings, the game has both earned $8,000 on Android and iOS, thus garnering the game with total revenues of $16,000 for the month of March.

3. Robot Warfare (age: <1 year)

The game is ranked at number 81 in Google Play’s action category as of May 4 with more than 200,000 downloads earlier this year. In addition, it is among the top-grossing 700 action games on iPhone (and at the 200-300 mark for iPad as of this month) with more than 30,000 downloads back in March.

The total monthly revenue of the game is slated at around $70,000 for both platforms for March of this year, with the majority of earnings coming from Android players at $50,000 or so.

2. Super Mecha Champions (age: <1 year)

Even though it earned more than the other games on this list, the game is only ranked at number 81 in Google Play’s action category as of May 4 with more than 40,000 downloads earlier this year. While it only got 20,000 downloads back in March on iOS, being ranked higher than Robot Warfare in iOS at number 102 for the top-grossing titles in the iPhone action category, and at number 213 for the top-grossing iPad category.

Overall, players spent more than $290,000 back then, with Android’s players spending $90,000 and the majority of the earnings coming from back in March.

Take note that these do not include CHINESE FIGURES; there is a reason why they are among the critically-acclaimed games of 2019 despite these relatively low figures outside of China.

1. War Robots (age: 5+ years)

highest-earning mobile mech games

Wait for it: Android players spent a total of $4 million, while iOS spent a total of $3 million, making War Robots earn $7 million back in March. This means that the game earned more than 24 times than the revenue of the next-highest game. This also means that WR is at the top among the highest-earning mobile mech games.

With over a million downloads, War Robots is ranked at number 65 in Android’s action category as of the latest update. Among the top-grossing games in iOS (at more than 400,000 downloads), WR is ranked at number 17 for iPhones and number 6 for iPads. YES, WAR ROBOTS is an iOS KING.

Yes, you’ve read it right. War Robots is the top earning dog out there, whether you like it or not.

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