April 19, 2024
Here is an overview on the current state of weapons in War...I mean, Mech Battle!

Mech Battle is a rapidly growing game and with it comes adjustments to weapons and robots that can disrupt the metagame, as well as the general style of play.

Here is a quick preview that we hope would help newer players find their way, as well as a quick reference and review for the older players out there!

S-Tier: These weapons are used by many players at the moment, in any given hangar that can fight effectively in any mode.

Miniguns (All classes): By now, you should have gotten the memo that miniguns rock once they go below 40 meters. In other words, stay away from them at close range.

Oops, we forgot to mention that they do 100% damage at medium range and some damage even at long range.

With the fact that these weapons have a low spread, this means that heavy robots (or any robot with a huge hitbox, for that matter) would always be hit by this weapon at any range.

No wonder that people run these things right now.

Light Laser: With it rather reliable auto-aim and the fact that their damage remains the same at all levels, the light laser has proven to be popular ever since the days of the “Zaphyr” menace.

This is used as an alternative for miniguns – especially for robots who like to dabble in long range battles. Just be careful though, machine guns and cannons can give you a hard time at long ranges.

Still, its reliability puts it among the top tier weapons at the moment, with a good number of players utilizing these weapons to devastating effect.

Usable: These weapons are deadly in the right hands and are still quite prevalent in the field.

Non-Guided Rockets (All Classes): Among the “usable” ones, this has the greatest potential to become overpowered due to its high splash radius and relatively high damage.

The good thing about this weapon is that it takes skill and timing to use this setup effectively. If one is not careful, one my blow up one’s robot instead.

Laser (Medium Class): Usable on the middle top portion of the Atlas (based on personal experience), this monster has decent damage and is quite accurate, to be honest. Useful if you want to tag your opponent while he is reloading his guns.

Cannon (All Classes): If they hit you, they will hit hard. Use speed to dodge some of them.

At one point, you will be hit by these savages though, because they are designed to rip you in close quarters combat.

Many can argue that these things are just as beastly as the Miniguns if all the projectiles hit the target.

Niche: These weapons are only good in specific situations. Otherwise, they are useless as it is.

Machine Guns (All Classes): Being the “super-jack-of-all-trades” that they were back in previous versions, these guns have been nerfed hard to allow other weapons to shine.

Since most engagements are done at the 10-60 meter range, MGs are hard to use (especially when the other guy uses the Cannon Class, Non-Guided Rocket Class and the Minigun Class, in addition to light lasers and the occasional homing missile ping.

With that being said, they still pack quite the punch when they’re far from you (45-ish meters and beyond), so take note of it and act accordingly.

Guided Rockets (All Classes): Due to the developers’ pronouncement that this (and the notorious Homing Missile class) are slated for a rework, these weapons are almost useless in the current metagame. When everyone is aiming to rip you with lasers and miniguns at point-blank range, your guided rockets won’t hit the broad side of a barn.

Homing Missiles (All Classes): They once used to be the oppression weapons of the game until they received the pariah treatment as their guided rocket counterparts.

But then, they are useful for pinging enemies and making them move somewhere, towards a place of your choice. They also pack good damage on their own.

Laser (Heavy Class): Sure, it hits quite hard when it hits you – but only if you find the chance to hit. This weapon needs a rework.

This game is constantly evolving and this page hopes to see more players enjoy the game!

Hope you enjoyed reading!

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