April 19, 2024
Want to win in War Robots' infamous arena? Then here is a comprehensive War Robots Arena Guide for you! Enjoy reading and playing War Robots!
War Robots Arena Guide

Arena may seem to be a bewildering and confusing game mode, so here is a War Robots Arena Guide for all of you out there!

What is Arena?

The Arena is a modified free-for-all mode where six players pay an entrance fee of 100 gold to fight under a preset hangar. Each Arena cycle lasts for a limited amount of time, and everyone plays on a random map with pre-determined spawn points, similar to the actual free-for-all mode.

The top three get back their registration fee of 100 gold and win more prizes. Meanwhile, the bottom three get participatory prizes for trying out their skill and luck in this highly competitive mode. In other words, everyone out of the top three loses.

One example of the prize distribution is as follows:

In this example, one can see that winning first place brings back a 150% return on investment. Winning second place earns you 75% profit, while surviving third place allows you to have 25 percent extra gold!

The Concept of Arena

Unlike in all other game modes in which you are encouraged to play with the team, you are all alone when you play this mode.

This means that you have to learn skills that you would not normally use in a normal mode, such as spawn-picking, weapons timing, and bot-picking, among other skills.

The one with the most kills wins the game outright. In case of a tie in the number of kills, the one with the higher damage output wins the game.

Why play the Arena?

For those people who feel comfortable in slugging it out alone with their opponents and have enough wits to outplay the average War Robots player, Arena is a great place not just for winning and exhibiting one’s skill, but also to earn easy gold from unsuspecting players out there.

War Robots

Spawns in Arena

Since the spawning system in Arena isn’t random at the beginning, each player has a specified spot, depending on the order in which they have chosen their bots.

The best initial positions in Arena, regardless of the map, are positions three and four: They allow you access to the fight of the first and second player to drop, as well as a safe distance from which to disengage and play it safe, should the need arise.

War Robots Arena Guide: Positioning and Movement

As usual, positioning and movement are among the main keys to win consistently in a fast-paced, high-stakes environment such as the Arena.

Positioning can mean finding cover, getting to the best spot to ambush enemy bots, or choosing terrain that amplifies one’s advantages. Knowing and utilizing all of these things properly is the key to winning the Arena!

Move while two enemies are engaging each other. By the time they finish shaving off each other’s hit points, ability, and module cooldowns, you will be in a prime position to kill them off and get easy kills!

Ensure that your movement allows you to get from one piece of cover to another…or to engage the enemy from behind and execute them!

War robots domination

Weapons Timings

In common parlance, everyone calls it “kill stealing”; however, one is unable to do it in the first place without even knowing how the robot works, how the weapons work, and how to set up the kill in the first place.

Since it is always a common rule of thumb in online games that the last tick gets the kill, ensure that you have enough damage and instances to be able to get the kill for yourself.

Always Be Behind in War Robots Arena

Yes. This is a rule.

If you want to get easy kills and make someone’s day terrible and miserable without having to spend one’s hit points, get into a position where it is easy to stab them in the back.

Besides, even if they notice you, they still have to rotate their bots to face you; this delay may mean the difference between winning and losing a duel.

Know When to Use Different Bots

After one or two games, you should be able to figure out the best way to approach the hangar.

Make sure that you know when to spawn different bots, depending on the opposition in the field.

As a rule of thumb, always make sure to use the fastest robot first and the strongest robot last.

War Robots Arena Guide: Calibrating Gameplay

There may be times when you have to play aggressively; an example is when you need to chase a position in the top three. There will be times when you have to play it safe. An instance is when you are in the last thirty seconds of the match, the enemy only needs to kill you to kick you out of first place.

Reading the situation in Arena is vital to ensure that one gets the easiest and most efficient paths to victory. After all, you already try to read the flow of the battle in the actual game mode. Why not try to replicate it here?

We hope that you enjoy reading this War Robots Arena Guide and find it useful in your games!

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