April 19, 2024
new negative effects in myhordes
Let's go into some theorycrafting and ask whether adding a new negative effect in MyHordes is viable or not!

I would like to suggest adding a new negative effect in MyHordes: A higher-level version of Terrorized, called Horrified. This is in order to spice up the gameplay and introduce a more subtle level of in-game interaction as well – after all, another affliction in the post-apocalyptic landscape won’t hurt that much, no?

The flavor text could be as follows:

You are not just terrorized, you have lost all sense of coherence in life and connections with the world around you! You need to find a place to stop, take stock, and calm down…

The effect of that new negative effect in MyHordes is as follows:

  • Being unable to be escorted to town
  • Being unable to stand on watch
  • Being unable to camp
  • Being unable to use Heroic Actions outside of town
  • Being unable to use Break Through
  • Everything else that is related with the “Terrorized” status

To heal, you have to do a combination of the following for a total of two times to be able to go back to the normal status. Doing it the first time would only revert it to the “Terrorized” status:

  • Taking a Item xanax.gif Valium Shot (also causing you to become Status drugged.gif Drugged).
    • It is the only cure usable in the Small world.gif World Beyond.
    • This also works while trapped!
  • Drinking a Item hmbrew.gif Ergot Homebrew (also causing you to become Status drunk.gif Drunk).
  • Chance of curing Status terror.gif by using a Item teddy.gif Teddy Bear.
  • Using a Item vibr.gif Pocket Vibrator (charged) (earns the R maso.gif Masochism Small star.gif Distinction).
    • This is only possible while at Small home.gif Home. The option to use it does to appear while in the Small world.gif World Beyond.
  • Smoke using an Item cigs.gif Opened packet of Cigarettes in conjunction with a Item lights.gif Box of Matches.
  • Visit the Small cinema.gif Cinema in town.
  • The Shaman can remove the status once and for all. Yes, the town’s resident charlatan is the best in these situations, as the long-forgotten sciences of psychology and sociology work differently nowadays!


What do you think about adding a new negative effect in MyHordes? Are you ready to face this new feature in hell?

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