February 21, 2024
Beginner's Guide for MyHordes
Are you new to MyHordes? Are you coming back? Let's hope that you find this Beginner's Guide for MyHordes useful! Don't die2nite! :D

This beginner’s guide to MyHordes is intended for new players who are playing the game for the first time or are just returning from hiatus and to provide a quick reference for players who play in the international (i.e., English) servers.

Take note that this is not a comprehensive guide. If you have any questions, you can comment below and try to answer to the best of our abilities! Alternatively, you can always join the international Discord server for MyHordes, linked at the end of the piece! 

Here are ten tips that might help you:

  1. The game has already built the Watchtower, Workshop, and Portal Lock for you. You can build the Pump and Butcher, then rush the Factory, Building Registry, and the Architect’s Study as soon as possible!
  2. You should only build up enough defenses that are needed for that day. Don’t overbuild – so that you can use your action points (AP) to search in the World Beyond and/or do something else!
  3. Search as much as possible over the first five (5) days. Go as far as you can and uncover all the ruins that could be unlocked on the map.
  4. Vote for Watchtower all the way. This will save everyone AP and allow for the monitoring of zombies in the World Beyond. Afterwards, you can vote depending on the needs of the town.
  5. Search the two Sealed Architect’s Chests and the five Architect’s Chests as soon as possible.
  6. Build two kitchens and a home laboratory (drug lab) within the first two to three days. Upgrade the kitchens to the highest possible level and bring the level of the home laboratory to Level 3.
  7. Bring the Dice, Incomplete Deck of Cards, and Little Book of Calm to town as soon as possible. The Incomplete Deck of Cards and Little Book of Calm work together to provide you AP and to protect you from being Terrorized; meanwhile, the Dice gives you a chance to get 1 AP.
  8. Make a Guitar from a Broken Staff, Wire Reel, and Empty Can of Oil. Play it when many people are in town – so they can get as much AP as possible when the guitar is played.
  9. Find the following items and bring them to town ASAP:
    1. Flat-packed furniture
    2. Jarpen table
    3. Copper Pipes
    4. Patchwork beams
    5. Metal support
    6. Electronic equipment
    7. Wooden plan
    8. Penknife
    9. Engine
    10. PC Unit
    11. Mechanism
    12. Toolbox
    13. Nuts and bolts
    14. Marinostov Vodka
  10. Be active. Read the forums. Do something for the town. Cooperate. Don’t be selfish. If possible, try to decide on the method of getting the Last Man Standing distinction. And if you unlock any wonders, DON’T HESITATE TO BUILD THEM!


As long as you have fun playing in the Hell that is MyHordes, it’s always worth the stay there!

We do hope that you find this beginner’s guide for MyHordes useful! Thank you and have a great night ahead…and don’t Die2Nite!

Are you still looking for a reason to play MyHordes? Look no further and find it in this piece!

Did you find your own reason why should you play MyHordes? Are you ready to join Hell?

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