April 19, 2024
Changelog for MyHordes
Here is a changelog for MyHordes that includes information for gameplay, items, and structure changes!

The information for this changelog for MyHordes has been provided by community leaders Joanne and Miudo as well as game developer Dylan (yes, the game dev took the time to check the information and see if it is accurate). All credits to them!

This information is intended to allow new players to have an understanding of the latest changes in MyHordes; these have been edited lightly for clarity and brevity. Without further ado, here are the changes:


  • The game is fully mobile-compatible. HOT DAMN!
  • Night Mode happens from 07:00 to 19:00 (server time). You get a search item nerf during this time, which means more chances to fail searching in the World Beyond. However, there are bonuses for camping, stealthily stealing from the Bank is more possible, Scout camouflage works better (i.e., lesser chance of detection by zombies), and the special skill Breakthrough (where you can punch a zombie and regain control of a zone for 10 minutes) has a better chance of working (the normal chance is 50%)!
  • It is possible to camp in small towns.
  • Brothers in Arms Giveaway- If you get the Last Man Standing (LMS) distinction, you are now able to give a Heroic Action to someone that used it. Number of charges vary.
  • Location of SAC/AC/other special items that spawn on the ground:
    • 6-15 kilometers from the town for AC, fireworks, fuzzy powder and launch tubes
    • 9-29 kilometers from the town for SAC 
  • Resident (i.e., the normal citizen) gets a distinction now 
  • Shamans are available in private towns and get specific distinctions
  • Construction sites, the Bank, Town Upgrades, and Workshop have their own respective and dedicated forum stickies
  • A Mysterious Stranger would appear in small towns to help them grow even without having 40 citizens. The Stranger helps by bringing items from the World Beyond and helping construct the town.
  • There are new settings for private towns.
  • There are new and dedicated emoticons for the forums, nice!
  • The community has now a dedicated and unofficial Discord channel.


  • Laser Pointer: uses a battery and has 4 charges, kills 2 zombies per charge. Super strong and reliable weapon.
  • Pumpkins: Can be found in the World Beyond during Halloween, decoration item and be carved and lit
  • Daschund: A living dog. Also a weapon. 
  • Vending Machine: Now placed into the “Heavy” category. This means players can only carry one of these at a time (and the Tamer’s dog can only carry one of these with an Anabolic Steroid).
  • Hurling stick: Can be used by Watchmen. Appears during St Patrick’s event
  • Video Projector: Heavy item that can be used as a watch weapon to get Convex Lens
  • Beer: Another source of alcohol.
  • Pretzel: Your average 6AP food.


  1. Fireworks Foray: In each new map you play, there will be four (4) items to recover so that you can make this specific defensive building/installation:
  • Two fireworks
  • One fuzzy powder
  • One fireworks launch tube
  • The Fireworks Foray gets damaged every night – at 20 fixed damage to be exact. It can be repaired though.
  • Neglecting to repair the structure causes one or more of the following penalties:
    • Half of the town gets infected (presumably due to the explosion of the Foray). Time to stock up on Paracetoid!
    • A number of zombies die outside up to a radius of 10 kilometers. Whoops!
    • The next one or two attacks will be less in number. Which means more survival for the town!
  • No special distinction is earned from building it. However, players can still get the Extreme Projects distinction by virtue of The Fireworks Foray being under the Foundations family of structures.
  1. Public Lights – A new construction site to cancel the nerf/penalty on searching during the night. Can be upgraded to increase its effective radius.

Hoping that you found this changelog for MyHordes useful (the original file is here, updates would reflect as soon as this original file is updated – however, in case this page is not updated, click here and follow the original file). Once again, shoutouts to Joanne and Miudo for this information!

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