April 19, 2024
Contextual guide to MyHordes
Are you sometimes confused about what to do in MyHordes? Need some quick tips? Then the Contextual Guide to MyHordes is for you!

Let’s cut to the chase: This contextual guide to MyHordes is intended for new players who might be confused about what to do in the game and to provide a quick reference for players who play in the international (i.e., English) servers.

Take note that this is not a comprehensive guide. If you have any questions, you can comment below and try to answer to the best of our abilities! Alternatively, you can always join the international Discord server for MyHordes, which is linked at the end of the piece! 😀


Here are some realities that you need to deal with when playing MyHordes on the random international servers:

  1. There will be griefers, trolls, and scum in the game, especially at this stage: The admins plan to implement new anti-griefing systems, but for the meantime, shunning/hanging/keeping track and implementing appropriate countermeasures is the only way to go forward.
    1. In event towns, this doesn’t happen due to the community-moderated whitelisting system that is put in place for these events. Complaints are also non-existent – when someone makes a mistake, the town leaders gently remind their inhabitants to stay on track and fix it quickly (and given that nearly all players are committed to the event, these mistakes are far and few in between).
    2. There will always be people who will complain about the smallest slights and the smallest perceived mistakes. In case you get confronted and you know you’re right, stand up!
  2. It’s always better with friends and relatives: The more players in HELL, the better! Company in MISERY is the key! Yay!
  3. Every new player is important, especially in the English servers: More players mean more events and more active servers – plus less possibility of griefers, trolls, and scum joining the town (simply because the town fills up rapidly).

Contextual Guide: Game Tips

Here are some of the most basic tips (based on this contextual guide to MyHordes) that you can follow in the game (assuming that you have a decent town and have decent players who would not disrupt you or the town) – these are all general rules of thumb.:

  1. Upgrade to a tent. This will allow you to unlock upgrades to your home. Note: Don’t do this without permission in organized event/ranking towns. Your leaders will give you the signal if needed.
  2. If you are a Technician, get Siesta Time up to Level 2. Your Construction Points (CP) allows you to do this. Note: Don’t do this without permission in organized event/ranking towns. Your leaders will give you the signal if needed.
    1. Even if you are from a different class, if you feel that you can make use of the extra points, go for it as long as it doesn’t hurt your town.
  3. Eat and drink everyday. AP is king in MyHordes – the more actions you do, the longer you and your town will survive!
  4. Get the guitar, dice, deck of cards, and little book of calm – the first three provide extra action points (AP) that are needed, while the last item, when used with the deck, protects you from being Terrorized.
  5. Find the hacksaw and flatpacked furniture as fast as you can. The former is needed to reduce Works in the Factory/Workshop to 1 AP, while the latter is needed for the Factory, Building Registry, and the Architect’s Study.
  6. If you are a Guardian, build up your house to a Shack, then follow up if conditions in #7 are met. Note: Don’t do this without permission in organized event/ranking towns. Your leaders will give you the signal if needed.
  7. You can build up your house if two out of the three following conditions are fulfilled:
    1. Defensive Thinktank
    2. Community Involvement
    3. Fortifications

NOTE: All of these stack together towards both your personal defense and the overall town defense.

  1. Get three to four kitchens and one to two labs (up to the maximum level if possible). Assignments can be done via rolling the D100 dice on the forum thread for the town or through a trustee system (i.e., nominating players who are known not to troll and could cook food/produce drugs everyday). Note: Don’t do this without permission in organized event/ranking towns – they’ll typically decide on the number of kitchens and lab/s needed, as well as their respective levels. Your leaders will give you the signal if needed.
  2. Once you get the groove of it all, try using an external map. Helpful for updating zones outside and planning complex things for the town.
  3.  In a town with random players, go Watchtower first, then go with whatever the town needs. However, if your town is built up with dedicated players (who could stick to specific build orders and know what to do), go Workshop first, then Watchtower, then whatever the town needs – towns with dedicated players would most likely have around 90% of their population alive anyway even by Day 10.

True Victory in MyHordes

You will die at the end. But victory is still possible if:

  • You are the last man standing
  • You are able to survive as a Zen Camper
  • Your town survives more than 15 days
  • You build at least one Wonder
  • Your town gets to the rankings table
  • Your town finishes as NUMBER ONE!
  • Your town gets special distinctions
  • You and your town wins a particular event
  • You survive and have fun!

As long as you have fun playing in the Hell that is MyHordes, it’s always worth the stay there!

We do hope that you find this contextual guide to MyHordes useful! Thank you and have a great night ahead…and don’t Die2Nite! 😂

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