June 18, 2024
My Winning Experiences in MyHordes
Here is a list of my winning experiences in MyHordes - hoping that I'll get my first-ever Last Man Standing (LMS) award soon!

Given that I’m a new player, I don’t have as much as far as my winning experiences in MyHordes are concerned.

I’m yet to last beyond Day 16 in a normal town – really wondering what it takes to be at the top of MyHordes (40 days of surviving for this season so far, hot damn!)

Out of the following possible paths to “true victory” in such a game like MyHordes, here is my personal progress so far:

  • You are the last man standing (LMS): Not yet. Crossing fingers…
  • You are able to survive as a Zen Camper: Not yet – but maybe this will come first before having my first LMS lol
  • Your town survives more than 15 days: Once this season. Not bad for a player like me who is still trying to learn the game!
  • You build at least one Wonder: Three wonders
  • Your town gets to the rankings table: Guess will need to exert more effort lol
  • Your town finishes as NUMBER ONE!: Hmmmmm, maybe in another life
  • Your town gets special distinctions: To be determined…
  • You and your town win a particular event: To be determined…
  • You survive and have fun!: Yes, I enjoyed my stay in MyHordes so far! Nice!

I am just hoping to enjoy the ride. Let’s go!

Are you still looking for a reason to play MyHordes? Look no further and find it in this piece!

Did you find your own reason why should you play MyHordes? Are you ready to join Hell?

If you’re ready, join the game through this link! Alternatively, you can also join the English Discord server and hang out with the beautiful and handsome folks of the game!

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