February 21, 2024
myhordes experience
Here's a MyHordes experience blog that features how life looks like in an organized town! Find out how it looks like here - read on!

Here’s a report on my first-ever MyHordes experience in an organized town.

Sometime earlier in June, I was invited by Joanne (and the rest of the MH gang) to play with many other players in a “Zoo” event town. To put it simply, a Zoo town is a place where zombies are confined to a specific quadrant of the map through careful culling of numbers, pathways, and sectors (i.e., squares), thus allowing for easier scavenging of items and exploration of ruins in that game.

Upon looking at the roster, I realized that many of the game’s top players (for a lack of a better word) are in the town. The pressure is on!

Jokes aside, the town was both chill and organized – all of us could more or less play in our own way (and do our own little activities) while sticking to the overall plan, and best of all, everyone can focus on bringing their A-game. Every day, there are plans laid out by our town leaders on the forums; I also had to report every now and then due to the fact that I was elected Shaman on Day 1 – though honestly, it basically amounted to summoning water into the well and healing the occasional inhabitant who was Terrorized the night before. As for my main shaman-related duty, I only had to take care of two souls during my entire 27-day stay, which was a testament to the efficiency and skill of the town’s inhabitants.

There were many games in the forums as well as giveaways of much-coveted RP texts, meaty bones, water guns, and even the glorious Chainsaw! I even got to host one myself, giving away the Red Dusty Book in celebration of this blog. Very meta! I got to win a couple of these raffles, which made me feel like I was in the carnival…

Towards the end of my stay in town, Natamar donated to me the LMS distinction even though that player has won it fair and square. Thank you very much! Now I can basically relax and focus on collecting the wonders of the MyHordes universe…

I only had to go on watch twice, which again, shows the supercomputer-like level of the town. Also, there were no deaths throughout all the nights in which multiple people have gone through the night on the walls and battlements! It seems that Hell can be actually habitable from time to time…

I’ve learned a lot during my time in this town, including organizing, using Excel – holy shit, we’ve got ChatGPT and Web3 and Excel is still boss – for calculating down to the decimal point, efficient and timely usage of hero powers, and how to go on expeditions beyond the 19AP range. There are other things that I’ve learned, though I’ll need to go deeper to understand how they’re used!

Here’s how my death sheet came out at the end of this particular MyHordes experience – nine lines of gold, a wonder, the water gun, and of course, the Golden Head:

If I were to be a new player and go through the MyHordes victory bingo card, I would gain half of all the common victories in the game once I was done with this town! That’s how massive it is…

  • You are the last man standing (LMS): ✔️ Yay!
  • You are the last man standing (LMS) in Hardcore (HC) mode: You can’t have your cake and eat it too.
  • You are able to survive as a Zen Camper: Ditto.
  • Your town survives more than 15 days: ✔️ Definitely yes!
  • You build at least one Wonder: ✔️ The Crow is great!
  • Your town gets to the rankings table: ✔️ Rankings table is pretty much a given at this point, so IT’S A YES!
  • Your town finishes as NUMBER ONE!: 🖨️CROSSING FINGERS!
  • Your town gets special distinctions:This is not a special distinction town.
  • You and your town win a particular event: This is not an event town.
  • You survive and have fun!: 28 days. That’s a whole lunar month of learning and fun with a top-tier crew and zero trolls, what more could one ask for? ✔️

This MyHordes experience was one of the best that I’ve ever been in. A big shoutout to Joanne, Lawson, Miudo, and 36 of the literal best players of MyHordes for making this town happen! You all rock! 

PS: Even in death, we shall know no fear:

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