April 19, 2024
MyHordes review
In this MyHordes review for 2023, we are going to discuss everything that's good, bad, and ugly about the game on its first season!

Without beating around the bush, here’s a MyHordes review for you!

What is MyHordes?

MyHordes is a free-to-play, zero-microtransaction, low-upkeep zombie survival game in which you have to work with 39 other players to build up your town, find items, explore ruins, and survive as long as you can amidst an ever-increasing horde. Attacks happen at midnight; those outside the walls by that time are automatically killed unless they camp, and those inside the walls are safe as long as they close the doors.

Eventually, players die as the zombie infestation will be too much for the town’s fortifications to handle. As such, “true” victory for players is mostly attainable via the following methods:

  • You are the last man standing
  • You are able to survive as a Zen Camper
  • Your town survives more than 15 days
  • You build at least one Wonder
  • Your town gets to the rankings table
  • Your town finishes as NUMBER ONE!
  • Your town gets special distinctions
  • You and your town wins a particular event
  • You survive for a long time and have fun!

A decent town with randoms and a chill atmosphere would normally survive 15-18 calendar days or so, while ranking towns (known in the French community as “Opti towns”) survive up to 40 days and beyond – though the tradeoff is that everyone has to play his/her role 100% and everyone should know what to do (there are guides though on how to do it).

MyHordes as a game

Generally, the game is low-pressure and low-upkeep; you only need half an hour at most to do your tasks within the game.

It is a resurrected and revamped browser game – and it has been updated for today’s age – a decent browser and internet connection are more than enough to play the game optimally.

For those who want to go to the next level, there are sanctioned external applications and scripts that allow a player to further enrich and optimize their gameplay.

The great about MyHordes

MyHordes definitely has its own brand of humor and aesthetics, which truly puts it among other greats such as Project Zomboid and the like.

Probably the greatest thing about MyHordes is its close-knit and multicultural community – very diverse, welcoming, and helpful indeed! The community has a lot of varying interests and they are more than happy to answer questions and help you navigate the twists and complexities of the hell that is MyHordes!

The bad and the ugly about MyHordes

Unironically, due to its nature, players have to deal with organized, malicious griefers and insufferable, hopeless trolls every once in a while. This has indeed put off quite a number of players – after all, MyHordes has a crazy steep learning curve, comparable to games like Dota 2 (It’s easy to access, but it’s not easy to even pick up the nuances and the culture of the game unless you put your mind to it/someone guides you along the way/there’s an online resource that will allow you to understand the game – then, it’s the only time that you’ll be able to start mastering the game. To be fair, the mastering part is actually concrete and quantifiable, which helps a lot with player motivation and such.) – and then they have to deal with unsavory characters whose sole purpose in life is to disrupt other people’s gameplay without any goal whatsoever.

Also, the game can become cranky from time to time, which might be a source of frustration for some.

Should I play MyHordes?

Definitely, HELL yes!

Personally though, I’ll highly recommend this game 100% if you’re in for the memories and community – those two factors have made MyHordes stand out for me as a browser game!

Hoping that you have enjoyed this MyHordes review!

Are you still looking for a reason? Look no further and find it in this piece!

Did you find your own reason why should you play MyHordes? Are you ready to join Hell?

If you’re ready, join the game through this link! Alternatively, you can also join the English Discord server and hang out with the beautiful and handsome folks of the game!

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