June 15, 2024
MyHordes Shaman guide
Do you want to know how being a charlatan works in Hell? Then this quick MyHordes Shaman guide is all for you!

This is a quick MyHordes Shaman guide that should help you get going once you get out of your local starter town!

What is a Shaman in MyHordes?

A Shaman is a special class of character that can be accessed in distant, event, and hardcore towns; the former two need a minimum of 100 soul points to access, while the latter one requires a minimum of 500 souls to access.

Anyone can become a Shaman as long as they are voted into the position by a plurality (i.e., the person who gets the most number of votes among the candidates). Alternatively, he or she would be chosen by random…

What are the abilities of a MyHordes Shaman?

A Shaman in MyHordes can do the following:

  • Transport as many souls as their inventory would allow them to do so
  • Locate lost souls (i.e., the souls of those who died in the previous attack) outside the town
  • Have five extra Mystic Points (MP) that could be used to do the following:
    • Make it rain (Town Gates): By using 3 MP, when used on the town gates, it adds 5 rations of water to the well. This is an important task, given that water is one of, if not the most vital resources in the game.
    • Make it rain (The World Beyond): By using 3 MP, when used outside, it has a chance to kill three to six zombies within your current zone.
    • Create Mystic Potions: Using 1 MP each and a water ration, it creates a water ration that could be drunk and used to allow non-shamans to safely take tortured souls.
    • Heal statuses (drugged, infected, drunk, terrorized) using 2 MP: Can be successful, can be a failure, and any of their attempts would cause the status to be transferred to the Shaman itself. Whoopsies!

What does a shaman do?

  1. Lost souls are located in their own map. The soul would rotate within an area of four squares; the soul is found 100% at the bottom right square, thus allowing for pinpoint precision when it comes to locating the soul. They can direct players to specific locations using this particular ability (if they’re not available to take the souls themselves or the souls in question are nearby certain players).
  2. They can purify lost souls using the Hammam, with each soul providing a certain amount of defense points to the town.
  3. The shamans would try to get as many souls as possible themselves (while scavenging outside), within the confines of their AP and special abilities (i.e., heroic return, second wind, etc.)
  4. Make rain for the town, every single day. No kidding.
  5. Do other tasks as deemed necessary by the town leaders or by yourself (i.e., try to heal someone with the remaining 2 MP) or make Mystic Potions. The caveat towards making Mystic Potions is that the water can’t be used for defenses…as a result, their creation is only done when absolutely necessary, and then only to the amount that is necessary.

Hoping that this MyHordes Shaman guide will prove useful to you down the line!

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