May 22, 2024
organized towns in myhordes
Do you want to know how organized towns in MyHordes work? Read on to find out - let's hope that this piece helps you in your stay in Hell!

Here’s an overview of how organized towns in MyHordes work – so that you’ll know what to do once you get into one:

  1. Follow your leaders: There will be people who will lead the town. You are going to follow their word to the best of their ability. After all, many of these people have already played for a lifetime (if you don’t believe them, go to their profiles to see their pedigree). They, their plans, and their choices will allow you to relax and chill as long as possible until the inevitable end.
  2. Volunteer for tasks: Ask around if there are tasks that you could do. If you think you can do something, ask the town if you could be assigned to it (i.e., shaman/guide to the world beyond).
  3. Follow the plan: More often than not, there is a daily plan for the town. This means you have to faithfully execute it, down to the T. For other topics though, you have discretion and agency on how you want to approach it, as long as it doesn’t hurt the town.
  4. Read the forums, private messages, and Discord channel (if they exist): IT. IS. NOT. NEGOTIABLE. Snarky comments aside though, they’re the main ways to maintain communication, share strategy, and learn about announcements.
  5. Bring back what the town needs: Especially in the early days of the town, there will be a list of items that will be listed down. These include flat-packed furniture, vodka, engines, batteries, broken staff, empty oil cans, wire reels, metal chests, bandages, and so on.
  6. Your Heroic Powers aren’t your own: Given that each player has a limited number of hero actions (heroic return, seeker, etc.), it’s advised to use them prudently and judiciously. Yes, they belong to the town until it ends. Yes, by joining a town that can potentially go up to the top of the leaderboard, everyone’s collective interests are the priority in this town.
  7. Make your expeditions: If you are confident enough, you should explore ruins and go beyond the 19AP limit. Alternatively, you can ask one of your friends in town to draw an expedition for you – they’ll be more than happy to help you!
  8. Don’t just upgrade your homes left and right: While there are certain freedoms that you can afford to do in random distant towns, it’s a mistake to do it in organized towns, given that the 6 AP that is used to build the Hovel represents a day’s worth of supplies for the town.
    1. Two kitchens and a drug lab should be rolled: Two highest D100 rolls will build the kitchens to their maximum level, while the drug lab will be built up to level 3 by the one who gets the lowest D100 roll.
    2. You can still upgrade your place to a tent. This will allow you to catch up once it’s time to build up houses to higher levels – yes, that moment will come.
  9. Follow the build order: There are specific buildings that you need to build, especially during the first day: Start with the Watchtower, Workshop, Searchtower (if desired), and Butcher, followed by the Factory, Building Registry, and the Architect’s Study. Get also the Hammam and the Battlements, then build according to the needs of the town.
  10. Don’t overbuild defenses: Build up only to the maximum defense numbers necessary for that day. Once you get to unlock the watch, calculate the numbers, let the townsfolk build up their houses if necessary, then rotate your watchmen.
  11. Don’t just read all the blueprints that you find: Have a look at the construction table to see which build families have been unlocked already or ask around and find out whether you can read a particular blueprint.
  12. Stand for the watch: This is true especially for Guardians and for other players who have access to extra booze and drugs.
  13. Participate in the town’s life: Join in the games, trivia, and giveaways. Talk and banter with other players. Interact, make jokes, and laugh. Besides, who knows, you might get a RP text, water gun, chainsaw, or even the LMS award in your day-to-day life!

Hoping that these lucky 13 points are going to be useful as you wade through organized towns in MyHordes!

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