February 22, 2024
trolling in MyHordes
What are the methods of trolling in MyHordes? What are your possible solutions? Here's a quick guide for you - enjoy reading!

This “trolling in MyHordes” piece is sponsored by our very friendly neighbor, PalimPalimPalim, who suggested to me that I should make a separate piece regarding trolling within MyHordes for the benefit of new and returning players of the game.

Take note that trolling and griefing are actually part of MyHordes – though it’s also the fastest way to earn the ire of the community that you’re playing in. However, some of the mechanics are definitely there to be used…which means that you’ll have to deal with them at one point or another.

Also, take note that this list only covers the most common ones found in random small and distant towns in the game.

A note about Trolling in MyHordes

There are people who troll just to get the distinctions and to have some fun in town (without disrupting or by causing minimum disruption to people’s gameplay), which means that even if you report it to the admins, they will just laugh at you. However, there is a second category of trolls – and this is the reason why the admins stepped in and took some drastic steps to actually enforce some limitations to these useless and let’s be real, not-funny-anymore shenanigans.

What are the means of trolling in MyHordes?

  1. By stealing

Unknown to many players, stealing is a big part of the game. Not only does it give distinctions, but you get a special distinction for doing it during St. Patrick’s Day and Christmas.

As a result, players who are in charge of holding certain things for the town either hold them in their rucksack (i.e., personal inventory), try not to leave town (and thus being able to place them in their house storage), and/or try to get a lock as soon as possible and hold it within their respective homes for a while.

On the other hand, players leave relatively unimportant things on their home inventory so that other players could steal them (and already place a note on their door saying “steal and return”). There are also players who don’t return these trinkets at all, which means that you have to take it back by stealing from them! (Take note that it’s usually done in the spirit of having fun in hell…)

A player can only steal from another house once a day. Thank God. Otherwise, certain towns would have turned into free-for-all stealing sprees…

  1. By griefing (injuring other players)

There are players who love to cause more misery on top of the hellish experience (and to get out of the RP a bit, add to the already harsh learning curve of the game) by punching and wounding other players. This is one of the most classic and disruptive of the trolling methods in thai list: Healing an injured player needs a bandage – and if there’s no bandage, then Paracetoid is used up – otherwise, a player dies after two consecutive attacks.

Each punch takes around 5 action points, so if every punch is successful – there’s a chance that it could fail – a single player can wound as many as five players (base AP: 1, water: 1, food: 1, drugs: 1, alcohol: 1, for a total of five) per single day.

EDIT: As our savior TheRealJesus has pointed out: It’s possible for players to wound at LEAST seven to eight players (and very realistic as well, due to the presence of the Twinoid+Siesta combo plus AP from EMS) – and players can drink as many cups of coffee as they can (whoops). Also, if they really min-max optimally, they can theoretically get 3 AP from the dice, cards, and guitar… Oh no.

Thus, players are careful to take note of the denizens of hell who are violent and put them into a blacklist, mental or otherwise…

  1. By emptying the bank of important items

Since it takes around five items before the bank lock kicks in (or 10 items in Chaos Mode), some of the griefers focus instead on emptying the bank of boosters (twinoid, steroids, etc.), food, and hard-to-find resources and bring them to places far away in the World Beyond. They can even combine it by dying of dehydration, though being alive is more disruptive than being dead…

  1. By spreading poisoned food and water

While it’s pretty easy to spot poisoned food and water in the bank (they are placed differently and have a different “serial” number) and it doesn’t always happen (one has to be among the high-level players with an absurd amount of Hero experience to be able to get access to poison vials upon shunning), it deserves a place in this list.

Each player can potentially kill two players outright, especially if they can’t spot the difference between a clean and a deadly water ration.

  1. By disrupting the delivery of important items

There are certain items that are important during each phase of a town’s life. As such, placing these items in the farthest reaches of the World Beyond could actually prove to be pretty disruptive, especially at critical junctures in the game.

However, it’s not necessarily that deadly to the town’s existence, as it’s possible for the general population to find that item outside of town within the same day.

  1. By constructing buildings that are not needed

It’s actually possible to do this with the help of a couple other accomplices, especially during the early stages of a town when the Building Registry is not yet available. While not as disruptive as some of the other items on this list, these moves can prove to be detrimental to the town in the long run.

  1. By leaving the gates open/opening the gates

This is preventable through the construction of a Portal Lock on the first day. As a result, all random towns have the Watchtower, Workshop, and the Portal Lock as the top three buildings on their construction list – heck, there are even players who even prioritize the Portal Lock as the number one building to be constructed within a town, which shows how seriously they treat the “leave the gates open” threat.

How about me? Can I troll in MyHordes?

You can also troll by stealing things in random towns and towns with friends, but make sure you return them to their owners afterwards.

Do not do numbers 2-7 though under most circumstances, unless your town is actually a free-for-all and troll town.

If you do any of these things without permission in an organized/event/ranking town, then prepare your body, mind, heart, and soul to be torn apart in ways that even the dreaded executioners and torturers of the French Revolution would never think of.


You would have to tolerate these antics especially if they don’t cause harm to your town (which, for the most part, is played by random players from all over the world).

However, in case these things prove to be disruptive to the town’s welfare (and to the experience of the majority of the players in town), there’s only one: Shun and build the Meat Locker/Gallows.

Of course, the trolls, who know the usual countermeasures, can counter this by stealing the chains/chairs/nuts and bolts, which means you have to take precautions, and so on.

And let’s hope that there’s only one troll inside the town that you played…

Hoping that this “trolling in MyHordes” guide helps you in your endless journey within the iterations of Hell…Good luck!

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