February 22, 2024
victory in myhordes
What are the methods of victory in MyHordes? How can you transcend the horrors of this game? If you want to find out, read on!

Victory in MyHordes is not something that is easy to achieve, considering that you have to play with an ever-increasing zombie infestation in a rickety town in the middle of the sweltering hot, unforgiving post-apocalyptic desert with up to 39 other strangers.

Also, there is no true, poetic victory in MyHordes, considering that you, your cat, and your dachshund will all die in the end. Yes, that’s right. ALL. OF. YOU. DIE.

However, in a big show of defiance against those who want to put you inside the repeated iterations of hell, you can still earn victory. Yes, that’s right, you can be victorious – and your soul will have its satisfaction (your victories are mostly displayed as Distinctions on your soul page!)

Here are the most commonly accepted ways of victory in the game, based on common practice of players in the game:

  • You are the last man standing (LMS): The title says it all. You are the last to raise the banner and bring the fight to the Hordes of Hell! Hoorah! For that, you get the Golden Head distinction…
  • You are the last man standing (LMS) in Hardcore (HC) mode: When you’ve done everything and beyond in the seventh layer of the seventh realm of Hell, you don’t just get a Golden Head – it’s given with a red aura that tells everyone that you won against the Hordes of Hell on their home turf!
  • You are able to survive as a Zen Camper: While some want to face the might of the cursed zombie horde by standing on the walls, others want to face the horrors of the night and come out on top. It only happens when the town is done for, so it’s quite similar to the LMS distinction in difficulty and thus, deserves to be called a victory in its own category and right.
  • Your town survives more than 15 days: A quick glance inside the top 40 towns in the game would reveal that it requires around 15 days to get into the rankings. In addition, even if you don’t get into the rankings, it requires a bit of organization and decent play to get to 15 days – as such, it is an achievement that is worth pursuing in this game! NOTE: May be more, may be less, your mileage may vary…
  • You build at least one Wonder: Given that Wonders (Sand Castle, BRD, Crow Statue, and Wheel) are hard to find and take a long time to build, being able to build one or more of these, especially in a random town, is a real cause for celebration. Everyone in the town also gets the gold-framed distinction, which is your physical proof that you have transcended the horrors of hell.
  • Your town gets to the rankings table: This is a collective achievement that is worth remembering as long as MyHordes exists. Also gives you a special distinction!
  • Your town finishes as NUMBER ONE!: Unlike the LMS and the Zen Camper that focuses on individual achievements, this is at the top of the hyper-competitive collective category of survival in Hell. Not everyone gets to be in the number one town, and it also gets its own special distinction!
  • Your town gets special distinctions: When you and your town get collective distinctions that are hard (or uber-hard) to attain, that’s one of the ultimate expressions of victory in MyHordes.
  • You and your town win a particular event: There are special towns with special events and distinctions in which you have to do certain challenges and complete Herculean objectives while keeping your town alive. Winning allows you to brag to the whole MyHordes community that you and your 39 folks did it altogether! Since most of these towns only appear once, the distinctions are ultra-super-duper-rare (when they decide to show up…)
  • You survive and have fun!: When all the odds are stacked against you, all the trolls and griefers ready to pounce on you, and the endless horrors of the night ready to take away your body with a single blow, surviving and being able to have fun in your own way is victory indeed!

Have you earned victory in MyHordes during your stay? What are your experiences so far?

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Did you find your own reason why should you play MyHordes? Are you ready to join Hell?

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