April 19, 2024
why should you play myhordes
In this short piece, you will find all the reasons why you should play MyHordes - hope that you find it useful in your journey to Hell!

Without going around the bush, here are six reasons why should you play MyHordes:

MyHordes is a low-upkeep and low-pressure game.

If you want to be a normal casual person who wants to play at a pedestrian pace, you could certainly do it. If you want to be a filthy casual who can keep up with the pros, the game also allows you to do it! Of course, if you are a dedicated and organized player who wants to aim for the top of the ranking boards, there is a community that is ready to work with you to rise together!

Also, it only takes you 15-30 minutes per day to totally experience everything your town has to offer and then some – which means that you can play the game on a normal day while having a coffee break and then go back to whatever you were doing before that!

It is a game where you can meet people from all over the world.

There are four main communities within the game: French, English, German, and Spanish. Even within these communities, players do come from numerous countries around the globe!

It is a game that can run on most browsers.

Given that it is a browser game, there are no downloads needed – all you need is a decent browser and internet connection.

Playing MyHordes is fun.

Killing zombies, building wonders, stealing from friends, making wacky announcements, the opportunities are endless!

It allows you to be anyone you want to be!

You can be a normal citizen. You can become a builder, explorer, mercenary, cook, scientist, architect, archivist – the possibilities are endless!

In short, you can be whatever and whoever you want to be in MyHordes.

Why you should play MyHordes? Because zombies!

Killing zombies? You have it! Escaping from zombies? You can do it too! Being terrorized by a zombie? What’s a zombie realistic game without one? – You can have it all and more in this game!

And it’s free-to-play!

No need to pay anything, not even a single cent – and you have access to all the game’s features without the need for DLCs or microtransactions! Hooray!!!

Did you find your own reason why should you play MyHordes? Are you ready to join Hell?

If you’re ready, join the game through this link! Alternatively, you can also join the English Discord server and hang out with the beautiful and handsome folks of the game!

Please follow the Facebook and YouTube handles here – stay safe and healthy!

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