May 19, 2024
Here is a review of the Dynamax Growler blaster. Includes a range and consistency test, a general overview, and key points when buying it!
Dynamax Growler

Here is a quick Dynamax Growler review for you!


The Dynamax Growler is a fully-automatic flywheel blaster that flings out soft foam darts. It is considered to be a knockoff of the D-Dart Tempest, though frankly, they work differently – so it isn’t exactly a knockoff per se.

What does it look like?

So, let’s go through the rest of the Dynamax Growler review.

The Growler blaster has a cylinder that can fit up to 28 darts. There is a switch that activates the flywheels. It is operated via plastic tension; there is a hammer that sends the dart through a pair of flywheels.

A rechargeable AA battery contraption comes right out of the box, along with the 28 darts needed to have a full load.

A player loads darts in the front; the trigger rotates the cylinder and allows the hammer to operate!

What is the performance of the blaster?

At five meters, the Growler hits all of its shots within a 2-square meter area. At ten meters, it still hits pretty consistently.

At fifteen meters, the spread becomes a little bit wide (and falls short by two to three meters), but it’s still useful for suppressing any unwanted opponents. This means that the maximum effective range of the blaster is 12 to 13 meters (42-foot maximum).

It shoots out two to four darts per second. The battery would last for an hour or so before it has to be recharged.

Does the Growler jam?

Frankly, I didn’t have any jamming issues when the darts were placed properly into their respective spots.

The occasional jam issue may happen though, but it’s really easy to fix with the Growler.

Can I use other dart brands with the Growler?

While you can’t use other dart brands with the D-Dart Tempest, preliminary testing (five full loads for 140 rounds in total) of Nerf Elite and X-Shot darts show that it is a viable option for the Growler.

On the other hand, the reviews on the D-Dart Tempest have shown that other dart brands aren’t viable.

Where can I buy the Growler?

You can buy it for P500 ($10) at online stores like Shopee and Lazada in the Philippines. It’s really affordable and performs pretty well for that price!

What is a Dynamax Growler?

While some people may argue that it doesn’t fit any of the usual blaster classifications, it can be argued (based on its perceived tactical use and its depiction on the box) that it’s actually intended to be a fully-automatic SECONDARY PISTOL that is easy to move around and use (the Growler isn’t heavy, and even a small kid is able to wield it pretty easily).

How should I use the Dynamax Growler?

Use it as a secondary weapon in your load out. The automated rate of fire and the blaster’s appearance should be more than enough to deter any opponent.

It shines in close-range, target-rich environments. In fact, you can wield two of these and go akimbo-style, peppering your friends and frenemies with a steady stream of darts!

Alternatively, you can pack a small bag, get five of these, and use them one at a time, creating a steady stream of fire. 100 to 140 darts is no small amount of shooting volume; especially in tight spaces, your opponent won’t be able to snapfire at you without being traded in return.

Should I buy the Dynamax Growler?

While many argue that the Dynamax Growler (and by extension, the D-Dart Tempest) is awkward, I believe that the blaster is something that’s worth the cost, especially in the typical Philippine context.

The Philippine market doesn’t really have a lot of choices when it comes to the general Nerf market, regardless of whether it is Nerf, Air Warriors, X-Shot, or Dart Zone (and let’s be honest – most people could buy a toy for their kids only once or twice a year).

This is one of the main reasons why people settle for lower-priced alternatives when they could be found in the market. They deliver the goods for the price tag that they command – so yes, the Growler is something that could be used here.

Basically, it is something that could be considered for a normal stock war/neighborhood battle. In the Philippine setting, the Growler would thrive simply due to the fact that there’s a lot of targets in front of you. Personally, I bought it because it looked unique and fun to use with my friends (and students).

As I said, it shines for its price – and everyone that I met was amazed at the blaster’s performance, appearance, and price point.

What is your opinion on the Dynamax Growler?

I personally think that the Dynamax Growler is really fun to use. It punches above its weight and it is a unique find for me.

I would go against the grain and give this blaster an Excellent mark for the sheer amount of utility that it provides for the price. Besides, rechargeable batteries are always a plus in the place where I live!

Hoping that you found this Dynamax Growler review useful!

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